What better way to surprise someone who deserves the entire universe (besides this list of more than 60 incredible fragrances), than with a good aroma. We have selected the most surprising, powerful scents, full of power, freshness and personality. Because giving a perfume is giving a whole experience. Fragrances that will touch every mother’s heart and get them hooked (because they are truly addictive). These perfumes perfectly combine the ingredients, creating warm, fresh, floral bases (pay attention if you like rose perfumes, there are a good handful of them) and some more oriental. There is something for all tastes (yes, there are also many fresh, long-lasting and good perfumes). How well do you know your mother? Is she more into white musk or sandalwood? Is it more jasmine or black coffee? She has to dive in search of the perfect perfume. Your turn! Of course, before taking the plunge, we remind you of some keys to perfume successfully. Reminding them in a small note will be an added detail that will make your gift even more unique.

Keys to choosing a perfume well

– Prepare the skin. Before applying the perfume, hydrate it with a scented balm. Even with a little Vaseline or lip balm. It will make the scent last longer.

– Areas to perfume: pulse areas: inside of the wrists, neck or inside of the knees.

– Do not throw liters and liters of perfume. The secret is to apply the right amount and renew the aroma during the day.

– Mix aromas and make it more durable: as? Mixing flowers and fruits.

– Better with a vaporizer: you will spend less perfume. Spray about 30 cm from the skin, evenly, so that the notes are released little by little. And if your mother is one of those who still hesitates when choosing her ideal perfume, here are some keys to discover it with her and carry part of the work done when choosing your gift. In addition to personal tastes, you must also take into account the moment in which that person is and even the use that you will give to the perfume in question. And they make us this reminder from Nadia Perfumerías.

How to do an olfactory tasting?

That is to say, according to one of its directors, it is important to take into account if that perfume will be used to go to work, for special occasions or important appointments. If you are going to go with her to try perfumes, remember that the ideal is to try at most 3 or 4 fragrances, since trying more can confuse the nose and frustrate the tasting.

And in any of the cases, it is best to use the olfactory memory. The perfume that is capable of bringing back the most memories or special moments at the time of her test will be the perfect one for her.“Our experience tells us that when someone tries a perfume made on a small production scale (such as niche perfumes), when the raw materials are chosen for quality and free creation, a new world opens up before you and you understand that it is something special. . You notice the difference.” adds Isabel Fernández Pascual, another of the founders of Nadia Perfumerías.

Although your mother may find an ingredient in larger production perfumes that will take her back to those moments of youth, singlehood or the most tender moments of her childhood (such as what baby-scented perfumes for adults achieve). The world of perfumery is so incredible and personal that choosing your perfume will already be a rich and special experience to live with the person who brought you into the world. Giving her a perfume will be more worth it than you imagine. And now yes, welcome to the selection of THE BEST.