Maximo Bolocco Menem (19) keeps his private life out of public opinion, but from time to time he usually shares images of his daily life. On this occasion, she surprised by showing the best photos of her vacation.

The former president’s son Carlos Menem (1930-2021), who is currently starting his higher studies, took a few days off on a beautiful beach. The young man kept secret what was the destination chosen to get away from the city and routine.

The landscapes with sands of Máximo Menem Bolocco’s vacations.

Maximum He is a fan of nature who generally avoids big cities and, for vacations, he usually chooses beaches or country destinations.

The teenager also did not reveal who he was accompanied with. About, It should be noted that after several dating rumors, he has not confirmed any. Her love life, at the moment, is a mystery.

Such are Máximo’s days on the beach.

“This summer was very good. I enjoyed it and I have rested. I have gathered energy to start the year,” said the son of the former president a few days ago at a Chilean event after his long vacation in the United States with his mother and before his vacation In solitary.

The bonfire that Máximo attended.

the son of the ex miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco (57), took long walks along the coast, enjoyed the sea and hiking in the super-forested mountains that surround the beach. At night, she joined a bonfire created within some rustic stone walls.

Sunrise at Máximo Bolocco Menem beach.

The life of Máximo Menem Bolocco in Chile

Maximum He finished his secondary studies last year. Although she had commented that she would like to work in the future on television with his mother, Cecilia Bolocco, and her aunt, Diana, she decided to enter the prestigious University of the Andes to train in the career of International Business (International Business).

The young man also accompanies his mother as an ambassador for the foundation that investigates and promotes medical treatments related to cancer. It should be noted that Máximo suffered from this disease in his childhood when they detected a brain tumor.

Who do you live with? Even with her mother and her husband, Pepo Daire, whom she considers her father. The three form a blended family and live together in Cecilia’s luxurious mansion located in Santiago de Chile.

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