May 25 commemorates the Day of the May revolution and what better than to celebrate it by tasting one of the most traditional dishes in the country. The date is a perfect excuse to try the classic Creole locro, the preparation made from corn, beans and squash or squash, which can also include cuts of meat or red chorizo.

In this note, we choose the best places that offer delicious versions, including the most traditional or avant-garde. A list suitable for all audiences, even to make a raid and test the tastiest.

Best Places to Eat Locro in Buenos Aires

COCU Boulangerie

As every year, the “boulangers” (bakers) of COCU Boulangeriea restaurant specializing in French food, joins the 213th anniversary of the May Revolution with its typical locro recipe.

As every year, COCU Boulangerie joins the May 25 celebration with its typical locro recipe. (Photo: @cocuboulangerie

The French restaurant located in the heart of Palermo Soho, will offer the traditional and succulent locro based on pumpkin, legumes and meat, spicy red sauce and accompanied with sourdough country bread.

Where: in its local Malabia 1510 (esq. Gorriti), CABA.

Reservations to Whatsapp 11 3026-6000.


cabernet, the Palermo restaurant about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, proposes to enjoy the Day of the Fatherland with its delicious and well-argentinian locro. It will offer the dish from May 25 to 28, both at noon and at night.

Cabernet proposes to enjoy a delicious, well-Argentine locro and with live music.

In addition, on Friday May 26, diners who meet there will be able to enjoy a national dinner with live musicwith a piano solo by the hand of the artist John Clavell.

Where: Jorge Luis Borges 1757, CABA.

Bookings: [email protected] or at 011 4831-3071 / 11 6 8967015.

Buenos Aires Green

The chef Mauro Massimino –dedicated to healthy and sustainable eating– presents in Buenos Aires Green the classic national dish in vegan version.

On May 25, Buenos Aires Verde offers its traditional locro in a vegan version. (Photo: @buenosairesverde).

With its iconic recipe, made based on organic ingredientsthe vegetarian and vegan food venue offers a locro with white corn, vegetables, smoked tofu and vegan chorizo. You can also order it without tofu or chorizo ​​and served with spicy sauce, a mix of green leaves and fresh vegetables.

Where: Gorriti 5657, Palermo, CABA:

Reservations: 4775-9594/ Whatsapp 011 15 2588-8365.

Ribs to the river

hand in hand Ribs to the river the classic returns smoked locro that can be ordered for delivery or at your premises. A dish that combines the most traditional of Argentine cuisine with American Texan flavors.

From the hand of Ribs al Río the classic smoked locro returns. (Photo: @ribsalrio).

This version of smoked locro comes out with red chorizo, entrails from the center and bacon, all smoked. It comes with its corresponding quiquirimichi hot sauce and bread rolls. In addition, they offer it with combos of Brisket empanadas, also smoked. One detail, this year the place adds a vegan option to its menu.

Where: in its premises located at Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 7010, Costanera Norte / Armenia 1744 (Mercado Soho), Palermo / Av. Infanta Isabel 110 (Arcos del Rosedal), Palermo.

To order: in this link.

The Pizza Only True Love

For those who want to celebrate this national day with an avant-garde but traditional dish, The Pizza Only True Love stands out with his locro served in a pizza dough casserolea limited edition plate.

The traditional locro from The Pizza OTL is served on a light and crispy pizza dough. (Photo: @thepizzaotl).

This traditional locro is made with red chorizo, bacon, corn, beans, beans and various vegetables, served on a light and crunchy pizza dough.

Where: Caseros 424, San Telmo

Reservations: 11 2487-6029.

CUT Subtracted

For those who want to get away from the Federal Capital and take a getaway near the river in Vicente López, CUT Subtracted It is a space that has the grill and homemade food as protagonists, in an environment that they define as “grill & comfort food”.

CUT Restó will have special promotions on wine glasses and traditional patriotic cakes. (Photo: @cutresto).

For this occasion, the kitchen team prepares a locro made from white corn, pumpkin, onion, beans, bacon, red chorizo, roast pork, pork breast, pork bondiola and a homemade spicy sauce. In turn, they will have a veggie option for those who do not eat meat.

Where: Gral. Justo José de Urquiza at 802, in the heart of the Zona Norte neighborhood.

Reservations to Whatsapp +549 1164600001.

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