He The Box Challenge 2023 is one of the most watched entertainment programs on Colombian nights, produced by Canal Caracol TV and where, night after night, contestants compete to stay on the reality show, so they have gained great popularity on social networks.

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In chapter 70, of competition, the Alpha and Beta teams compete in a sentencing and services test, again the Beta team managed to finish the test first than Alpha.

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In a team conversation, Rapelo began to annoy Escudero for sleeping “curled up” with Sara, for which the singer, paisa, assured that I slept with Sarita, but not like Rapelo sleeps with July.

the companions, Guajira, Yan and Mai did not miss the opportunity to confess that every night Rapelo and July sleep between their legs, Guajira assured that the reason why July puts up with Rapelo’s “snoring” goes beyond friendship.

July defended herself between laughs assuring that they sleep together, because at night it is very coldLikewise, Rapelo indicated that “she and he are one, that’s okay.”

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Yan helped his companions expose ‘the couple’ because he said that, several times, he has seen July sleeping on Rapelo’s chest, assuring that they look like “husbands”.

To end the hot confession, Rapelo assured that when the chapter airs, they will have problems with their corresponding partners.

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