Tears and emotions were present again in ‘Desafío The Box’, after the Beta and Alpha teams will face each other in the sentences and services test.

The participants who faced each other were Ran, Yan and Mai, from the Beta team, while Kaboom, Sensei and Aleja did it for Alpha.

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This has been one of the most demanding tests of the competition, since the participants had to cross a mud track and apply forcein order to climb a scale that would give them victory, there was also a juicy prize: a motorcycle.

It became the main motivation of the competitors after the start of the test, eventually being the Beta team. the one who managed to win the test, moving the participant Yan in a special way.

Yan is one of the kindest competitors of the Challenge, who from the first moment he knew that the motorcycle was going to be the maximum prize of the event, dreamed of winning it with the aim of taking it to his community in the department of Cauca.

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That is why Rapelo commented that he had done his best to lead his teammates to fulfill his dream of getting the bike.

This confession generated tears in Yan, thanking his companions. Alpha suffered one more defeat, for which they did not obtain enough money to pay the rent, a fact that forced them to go to the lower beach.

Beta, having won the test, had the possibility of putting on a sentence vestIn this case it had to be a woman, so the one chosen was Aleja, the participant Juli being in charge of giving it to her.

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