He The Box Challenge 2023 is one of the most watched entertainment programs on Colombian nights, produced by Canal Caracol TV and where, night after night, the participants compete to stay on the reality show, for which They have gained great popularity on social media.

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In chapter 68, of competition, the Alpha team, said goodbye to two of its participants, Well, during the cycle, three of his players received the sentence vest.

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After a hard ordeal to death, starring Cifuentes and Guajira, and, Ricky and Senseithe athletes who managed to finish the obstacle course were Sensei and Guajiraso Ricky and Cifuentes said goodbye to the city of boxes.

Social media users, did not hesitate to show their surprise, since the players have stood out for being the strongest, so Internet users
They assured that they would be in the final of the competition.

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Sara Cifuentes, captain of the Alpha team, She was criticized for her lack of aim, In addition, they recalled various attitudes that the Pereiran had during her stay in the competition at criticize other teams and participants.

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In the same way, Guajira finished the test with a large wound on one of her legs, which surprised her companions, since the lawyer assured that she had not realized the moment in which she was injured.

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