Every year a new -or not so new- trend in haircuts is imposed. This Sunday, Luciano Castro stunned on the red carpet at the Martin Fierro Awards 2023 with a particular look. The actor, nominated for his character in the first of usrose to the fashion of “mullets”. A haircut that emerged in the 70s and was popularized by figures like David Bowie.

The mullet cut, which revolutionized hair styling decades ago, is characterized by its unisex style and consists of two well-defined and differentiated lengths: shorter on top and on the sides, and longer on the back, almost in the shape of a ponytail.

This “glam rock” look reemerged to become one of the unisex haircuts of the moment, since it flatters all types of faces and adapts perfectly to all types of looks.

Luciano Castro, Featherweight, Paul Mescal and Jacob Elordi joined the “mullet” look

Luciano Castro changed his curly hair

Luciano Castro She left behind her iconic curly hair and updated her style with a cut. mullet which gives it a much more rocker and youthful air. In pairs with Vigna Flower, the actor dazzled with his “rebel” style on the red carpet of the argentine television awards.

Luciano Castro’s mullet cut. New haircut that premiered on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro 2023.

The fury of the Featherweight mullet: in a Mexican school they prohibited cutting

Featherweight (23), one of the most listened to artists of the moment, causes a revolution with each outfit, each accessory and each expression that he uses. The Mexican singer wears a fantastic mullet and generated so much furor that a school in the department of Coahuila (Mexico) prohibited students from attending with said cut. They assure that “it is not appropriate” to appear in class.

The Mexican artist Peso Pluma imposed the mullet among the youngest.

Paul Mescal’s mullet, sophisticated and casual

Paul Mescal, the actor of normal people and aftersuncarry a mullet very careful, with a soft and discreet cut that works in all kinds of styles. The British man makes a difference in the long length and preserves the silhouette of his hair, achieving a casual look and not so radical.

Paul Mescal opted for a less radical mullet.

Jacob Elordi also joined the trend

jacob elordiprotagonist of Euphoriatook advantage of comeback of the mulletwhich goes perfectly with her slightly Death in Town hair and alternative style, and gives her a carefree air that It matches very well with her slightly rebellious personality.

Jacob Elordi found in the mullet a hairstyle that goes perfectly with his alternative style. Super fashionista, he is encouraged to set trends: note his sleeves with crystals.

The celebrities who were encouraged to cut “mullet”

You cannot talk about the mullet in women without mentioning Ursula Corbero, who not only encouraged this haircut, but also kept it over time, and defended it like nobody else. The actress popularized this style with her character from Tokyo in the successful The Money Heist.

Úrsula Corberó popularized the mullet with her character from Tokio in The Money Heist.

In ArgentinaLali Esposito he got on the mullet wave and updated his image in full return to music. Many compared her to the godmother of punk Joan Jett for her black hair and her rebellious spirit. Mariana wore the cut with very short and disheveled bangs, above the eyebrows.

Lali Espósito is the Argentine artist who encouraged the mullet.

Miley Cirus she is always disruptive and her rocker and transgressive style has accompanied her since she stopped being a Disney girl and set out to succeed in music. the mullet, the same one that his father wore, billy ray cyrus in the ’80s, it was one of his best cuts.

Miley Cyrus’ glam rock mullet.

Throughout his career, scarlett johanson was encouraged to experiment with different haircuts and colors. Of course, he also tried the mullet on different occasions, a style that looks fabulous on him.

Scarlett Johanson encouraged the mullet cut on several occasions.

Who popularized the “mullet” cut five decades ago

The cut ‘mullets’ became popular thanks to Jane Fonda who on November 3, 1970 starred in her iconic mughshot when she was arrested after false charges of drug trafficking.

This cut was also a seal of the main rock stars as David Bowie (and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, who used the ‘mullet’ cut in red), Paul and Linda McCartneyand the guitarist Joan Jettamong others.

David Bowie and Jane Fonda pioneered the mullet cut.

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