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A lot of talk about black bags but… What happens with white bags? There are many who do not dare with such a light accessory, despite the fact that a bag in this hue is a perfect wild card when dressing. And not only that, It is the ideal complement when we wear a looks very colourful, or when we want to add a touch lady. We could say that a white bag, at the mode level, is a chameleon… That it adapts well to each looks and each context. For this reason, perhaps -without my knowing it- one of the first bags in my collection was in this color and by Michael Kors.

And if, the classic model of Michael Kors -which never fails- has become one of the bargains that we have found for Amazon Prime Days. The signature bag in white It is greatly reduced to €146 today. A lifelong model that, as we said, always goes well, and that is completely timeless. The bag with short handles to carry by hand or with a long handle, to wear it as a shoulder bag.

My bag was black and white, with white being the predominant color… But I don’t know which one I like better. It’s just that, as we told you, it combines with everything and is perfect when we wear a lot of clothes, or when we combine two strong shades, like Leonie Hanne when she combines navy blue and orange. Besides, tocarries light to any style, looks great with a looks monocolor. And what favors a white bag when we are in summer?

This is what Amazon Prime Days are for: to invest in those pieces from big brands that last a lifetime, which are pieces that always add up and something important: they are timeless. That’s why we are happy and excited to find this classic Michael Kors bag at €146. It seems incredible to us.


Michael Kors classic white bag on Amazon

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€146.00 (55% discount)

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