For a few months, people have been talking with concern about the state of health of the great actor Antonio Gasalla. Although it was an open secret that the comedian -perhaps one of the most talented in our country- was not having a good time, it was his family who confirmed that he suffered from Alzheimer’s: a type of progressive dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior.

During the month of April, after a controversial situation that involved a robbery at his home, the actor was admitted to the Otamendi Hospital to carry out various medical check-ups. And on that occasion, the specialists determined:

“Since the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, he has suffered from a mental health condition that, Since then, it has been affecting his cognitive ability and judgment.”said the statement made public by his family.

The actor’s present, far from the stage

it was his friend Marcelo Polino, who revealed in detail what his current status is, and showed his unconditional support at a difficult time like the one he is going through. The media man has become Gasalla’s voice in the media, and among other things, he has highlighted the great accompaniment that he has had throughout his process.

“The whole family takes care of Antonio, the whole family is very present because I heard that they said that the family had abandoned him, that they had left him and that they approached now because he was not well, “he said.

And later, he insisted: “The family is wonderful, we are all family and we are all very networked”, The journalist expressed during a cell phone last November when the case began to be known.

Antonio Gasalla and Marcelo Polino were always close friends

The tribute that restored Antonio Gasalla to prominence in the media

On the night of this July 9, at the award ceremony for the Martin Iron 2023, a special tribute was paid to the iconic 82-year-old actor. Although he was not present at the ceremony due to his current state of health that keeps him hospitalized in a rehabilitation clinic, as it was learned, the applause was not lacking. and tears of emotion either!

Was Susana Gimenez who took the stage, and remembered along with all the celebrities, the best moments of Antonio Gasalla and his most emblematic roles with which he remained in the memory of all Argentines and remains valid over the years.

A standing ovation accompanied the special moment, on days when the stage lights went out momentarily for the actor, but when he seeks to get the light back on in his personal life.

“He was with me for so many years, and he made me spend the most beautiful years of my life, always laughing at everything, without a script. You already know everything I didto. He is an incomparable actor, nobody is going to be like him.… I want to tell you that no one is going to forget you in your life, ever again. I love you, Antonio ”, she said, unable to avoid crying Susana.

Antonio Gasalla’s last show and the day he paused his career

In the days of the coronavirus pandemic, the artist took refuge at home and although he had hoped to step on stage again, until now, it has not happened again.

His last appearance on the tables It was in 2020 at Radio City in Mar del Plata, however, it did not last long because a knee pain made him get off his own work, in the summer of that year. Since then he led a much quieter life, away from the cameras and the scripts.

told that I had worked 60 years without stopping.. and although there was the possibility of reinventing himself through social networks and the internet, he refused the idea of ​​not being face to face, connecting with the public, his public.

“I want to do theater by going off stage, talking to people… The one who needs it to do it. They will not see me anymore “, were his words in an interview for Clarín at that time.

Antonio Gasalla had to leave acting

Antonio Gasalla Do you want to return to the stage?

Given the conditions, the actor’s decision would probably never have been to put the career on which he bet so much on hold. By going against his father, he expected her to study dentistry and prepare to stand out in the world of the arts, which he did perfectly.

From his leading role in ‘Waiting for the carriage’ with his character Mama Cora, Gasalla earned the affection of the public and also the popularity. Well, from the beginning of it, she managed to make each of her characters part of popular culture and folklore.

In one of his last appearances on television, in a chat with ‘Intrusos’ (América TV), Antonio Gasalla confessed: “It is one thing to tell you that I want to continue doing, but today I don’t really have that thing of wanting to go to a theater and go crazy. I did the clothes, directed, organized what time we had a function, I still have that in me, but there is nothing inside of me that tells me: ‘keep going, work‘”, he acknowledged about his desire to want to return to the tables.

There is no doubt that his humorous stamp positioned him as one of the benchmarks on the national scene. And although after his retirement from the stage he received several proposals to perform a show via streaming, he refused the possibility of betraying his habit of doing face-to-face theater. “Streaming? I don’t want that… me like that, no”, sentenced.

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