During the recent game of psg against Angers, a scene between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé caught the attention of the viewers. While Messi covered his mouth to make a comment to the French striker, they both began to laugh out loud. This scene revealed the good harmony that exists between them, both on and off the pitch.

Since Messi arrived at PSG, there have been rumors of an alleged tension between him and Mbappé, which raised questions about how the two could work together on the pitch. However, this scene shows that these rumors may have been exaggerated and that, in reality, their relationship has improved significantly.

Messi and Mbappé have been instrumental to PSG’s success in Ligue 1. Messi leads the tournament in assists with 15, while Mbappé is the top scorer with 22. Their connection on the pitch is undeniable, and this is reflected in the results. of the team.

As the end of the season approaches, Messi’s possible departure from PSG has become a topic of debate. French media have suggested that Mbappé might feel his departure more than anyone, and that PSG will regret not keeping him in the team. However, the good relationship between Messi and Mbappé may be a sign that the current season will not be the last they play together.

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