As every year, the first Monday of May is celebrated the Met Galathe event that is organized by the magazine Voguewith the historical Anna Wintour (73) as the main host, and which is based at Metropolitan Museum of New York.

On May 1, hundreds of celebrities chosen by the editor-in-chief of the fashion publication and the co-hosts of this edition (Dua Lipa, Roger Federer, Penelope Cruz and michaela coel) will meet at the prestigious museum located on the Upper East side of New York to attend the annual exhibition and parade through the emblematic steps.

This year will be very nostalgic for the world of fashion, since honors renowned German designer Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019).

As reported, will be attended by the heiress of the honoreehis Burmese cat ChoupetteTherefore, the Argentine designer George King pointed to PEOPLE that, if he had to dress a guest, he would set the gaze of his design on the famous feline.

The design that Jorge Rey would do to honor Karl Lagerfeld

I would make a dress made up of surreal cats. I imagine something with the heads and tails of cats that make up the morphology of the dress. Because I believe that For Karl Lagerfeld his cat was very important“, details the designer when telling how he imagines his dress to pay homage to the German creator.

File image: Karl Lagerfeld and his Burmese cat Choupette. (Photo: IG Choupette Lagerfeld).

And he explains: “They say that the cat is going to be one of the guests at the MET Gala 2023, that’s already I find it “ICONIC”because never seen an animal entering the gala”. On that line, George King he wonders: “What is she going to wear, what is the cat traveling in? They are all things that I am interested in knowing and questions that a person would ask. I think that is what will resonate the most from that night, that’s why I would put the look of my design in Choupette“.

Karl Lagerfeld transcended as a designer and became a registered trademark. In the photo, a capsule that he made with prints of him and his cat caricatured.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Met Gala 2023

Regarding the motto that Vogue set for the designers invited to the MET Gala, George King highlights some very marked lines or characteristics of Karl lagerfeld: “I think that the underbust is a very cut of him and then, lots of black and white, that super characterized it; is his trademark. Not to mention his iconic bun or the tail that was made with his white hair“.

Referring to the seriousness that characterized the German designer, he adds: “I think We are going to see many sunglasses as a complement to the looks. I imagine someone melting as if he were burning, hinting that he is burning in hell: it would be cool as a concept.”

Karl Lagerfeld did many collaborations with his cat in advertising campaigns. (Photo: IG Choupette Lagerfeld).

However, the young designer admits that it is also valid to think of a design completely opposed to Lagerfeld, and that it would even be a very good resource to honor him: “As a second idea, would make a huge dressexaggerating the human figure and making enormous proportions, as to mark the antithesis that he wanted“:

At the MET Gala, as long as you can argue the concept of your design and do something artistic, everything is allowed.“, he concludes.

Where is Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat who inherited part of his inheritance

Almost four years after the designer’s death, his pet had to get used to the absence of Karl lagerfeld and rethink life next to its new guardian: the faithful housekeeper of the designer, Françoise Coçotewho is in charge of managing her money and taking care of her every day.

According to People magazine, Choupette currently “earns” his living from the different campaigns he carries out and the publicity he generates on their social networks. In addition to the inheritance that her caretakers administer, this helps so that she continues to have all the luxuries to which her owner accustomed her.

File image: Choupette traveling to Paris, 2017. (Photo: IG Choupette Lagerfeld).

The theme of the MET Gala 2023 exhibition: Karl Lagerfeld, A Line of Beauty

The theme of this exhibition at the MET will go through the work of karl lagerfeld (1933-2019), who was creative director of Chanel. The exhibition will focus on the concepts of the German designer: from his designs in the 50’s to his latest collection, presented in 2019.

Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty is the name of the exhibition that the museum will open to the public on May 5, 2023. There will be more than 150 pieces on display, sketches and documents that record the creative process of one of the creators who most impacted the history of fashion.

The sample includes garments that he created in firms such as Balmain, chloe, fendi, patou, Chanel and its namesake brand (karl lagerfeld).

File photo of Karl Lagerfeld during the presentation of his calendar for Opel Corsa called “Corsa Karl and Choupette” (dedicated to his cat Choupette). EFE/Jens Kalaene

How and where to see the Met Gala

The transmission of the MET Gala can be seen live on Monday, May 1 through the website of Vogue and on their social networks.

Besides, and! Entertainment will cover live the arrival of all the stars and designers in Live from E!: Met Gala 2023from 23 hours.

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