During the night of Tuesday the ceremony of the Awards gardel 2023, where the best local music talents are recognized. In that environment, to the joaqui She had to perform not only as a singer, but also as a collaborator in the awards ceremony.

The urban artist was in charge of announcing the winner in the category of Best Quartet Artist Album (Ulises Well) and also gave a live performance that caused a stir. And the China Suarezwho considers himself a fan of the singer, did not want to miss the opportunity to publicly congratulate her on her remarkable artistic growth.

“I’ve always had too many dreams for so little sleep time. Joaqui, you made me cry. I admire you as a woman, mother and artist. You are strong. You are indestructible,” said the actress before revealing a detail unknown until then. “I will never forget the message you sent me when we still didn’t know each other. I celebrate your success, but above all, the recognition.”

Screenshot of the story of China Suárez giving her support to La Joaqui.

The terrible nightmare that Magnolia, the daughter of China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña, had

While combining her role as a mother with that of an actress and singer, the china suarez he found himself with one of the many situations that he shares daily with his daughter. It is that when she arrived from a recording, she proposed to have a moment with the little girl, the result of her relationship with Benjamin Vicuna and was surprised by a curious story.

“I come from filming and this little louse is waiting for me in my bed. I will never get tired of thanking”wrote when showing a black and white photo with the little girl of five years.

And then, he shared the nightmare that magnolia had while he was resting: “There were poisonous bugs. We went inside because the bugs bit us.. And now I’ll tell you about the cute one…”.

“I mean, the nightmare was that all the bugs bit you?” asked the actress in the dialogue that was recorded. And her daughter replied:Yes, because there are bugs that are poisonous, and some that are not. Or not, mom?

The dialogue continued when the daughter of the actors wanted to know if the red ants are poisonous and stated that the purple ones exist.

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