The driver Georgina Barbarossa had an interview with Maria Laura Santilanfor infobae where he was encouraged to tell details of his private life and revealed his current sentimental status, revealing his priorities at this stage of his life and his professional career. She also revealed that she is the only “person” she enjoys sleeping with.

“Isn’t there a man?” the journalist asked him, and without hesitation, Barbarossa He responded without a filter about his loving present: “There isn’t. If he shows up, all good. I’m not desperate and I don’t have time either.” “Maybe you don’t feel like it?” The journalist asked again, and she clarified: “Never bed inside. The only man I sleep with is López, who is my dog.”

In addition, the driver recognized the reason why she would not seek coexistence again: “Because not. I am very comfortable in my house, I have impressive tranquility. I don’t feel like it.” “Not for a while either?” María Laura stressed and she stated: “Do you say a chonguito? No, then I fall in love. If I give myself up, it’s not for a ‘touch and go’. No, because I don’t want to suffer. Besides, I have few pajamas that are cute. Everyone else is some kind of comfortable monstrosity.”

“I can’t get ready and put on presentable pajamas. With a black lace, you die of cold. If I don’t put on the old shirt or diver, what do I do? A barbaric fiaca, a lot of fiaca,” admitted the host of “A the Barbarossa”.

Georgina Barbarrosa revealed why she wanted to be a grandmother so much

A little less than a month ago, the host Georgina Rosabeard told in his program, to the Barbarossawho will be a grandmother and The news came full of happiness for her family and also for her colleagues, who celebrated this new stage with her during the broadcast.

This week, during the broadcast of the program, rosebeard He again referred to the reasons why he feels “so happy” at the moment in which this situation arose. “I am finally a grandmother, I expected it because if not later I will not be able to pick her up or throw myself on the floor to play,” she explained and everyone agreed that the actress is in excellent physical condition.

Georgina Barbarrosa confirmed that she is going to be a grandmother and revealed that she “felt” it before her son confirmed the news

Georgina Barbarossa He is going through one of the best moments of his professional life, but also a personal one. In the first aspect, since he participated in MasterChef Celebritythe television host returned to the close-ups of television and received a boost to drive “Barbarossa” and “Morfi’s Rock“, in telefe.

On the other hand, from the personal point of view, in his program this morning he recounted and aroused the joy of his co-workers and viewers. “Guys, get ready, I’m going to break the news that you’re going to fall…”, she began by saying Barbarossa while playing the enigmatic and releasing the information drop by drop.

Georgina Barbarossa and her children.  Photo social networks.
Georgina Barbarossa and her children. Photo social networks.

“All the programs are going to talk about this,” he continued, and then he couldn’t take it anymore. “Guys, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to tell you: I’m going to be a grandmother,” said the driver with remarkable happiness. About which of her children will make her a grandmother for the first time, she said she will be Juan with his wife Lucy. Simultaneously, his companions sang a hymn from the world past: “Grandma, la, la, la, la.”

Later, the driver continued recounting how she found out and admitted that she had a presentiment. “They know I’m a witch because Anita He brought me a present and I put him on that chair and said: ‘I’m going to give it to ignacio‘. And then I said: ‘why am I going to give it to Ignacio, I’m going to keep it for my grandson,'” he said. Georgina.

“I don’t know why my grandson… So I call Luci and tell her: ‘Lucy, you don’t have anything to tell me,'” she said. Afterwards, she went on to say: “And he told me Lucy:’Not because?‘, and I told him ‘You’re fine, you don’t have anything certain to tell me’; and there he told me: ‘Who told you?’ and I asked him directly. He asked me who told me and I told him ‘Nobody. She put me down.”

Georgina Barbarossa and her children.  Photo social networks.
Georgina Barbarossa and her children. Photo social networks.

With a smile on her face, after being asked about the sex of her firstborn grandson, Georgina Barbarossa He added: “It looks like it’s a little girl.”

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