Juana Molina recalled in his personal profile of Twitter an important anecdote that he told in 1989 and that he had to star in Luca Prodan, who defended her in a harassment situation. This situation is part of the great anecdotes of the Argentine show and, despite the fact that it is somewhat old, it is worth remembering.

The multi-instrumentalist and singer recalled the fragment of an interview that she gave to Hugo Guerrero Marthineitz, an important broadcaster and conductor of the time. “I did not remember that I had already told this anecdote so long ago. It had been recently, it was cool, “he began by saying in Twitter.

Then, Juana Molina added: “I loved LucaI saw him on Wednesdays in Einstein Coffeebut he didn’t know it, I was shy and vain (shy is the other side of vanity) and he didn’t encourage me to get closer despite his obvious sympathy”.

In the message of Twitter He shared the video with the anecdote. “TO Luca I met him once, one day when we were very drunk, and I thought it was great because we were Luca, another guy who came out, I don’t know who he was, times of cloudy nights,” he begins by saying. Juana Molina about 34 years ago.

“We went out, and Luca He said ‘let’s have a gin’. I told him I was fine and we got into a small car with a fixed engine, and there was this guy who didn’t know who he was; a banana”, continued his story Juana Molina.

According to the anecdote, she sat next to the driver and Luca behind. At one point, “the guy puts his hand on my thigh. I looked at him and Luca on the back it says: ‘But idiot, don’t you realize that’s why she’s not here? She is an asshole… ‘”, he recalled mill highlighting the intervention and solidarity of Luca Prodan.

In his last years in Argentinathe artist of Sumo He criticized in his concerts and in interviews the macho attitude of the Argentine public, but also of the artists. There is an interview that could be considered historical, with TV Spray, in which the musician said: “The male from Buenos Aires, the male from here, treats the woman badly and then the woman leaves him. And then he cries, drinks and sings a tango.”

“He’s always a weeping male, singing and crying. And why? Because he treated his wife badly. Treat her well, treat her crazy, and that’s all you do well. You don’t cry anymore. How am I going to believe this guy who first he treats his mine badly and then when she leaves him he starts crying and does tangos and tangos for her”, he closed at that moment Luca Prodan about the macho culture of the Río de la Plata.

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