There is no better way to start the day than to do it with a good breakfast that will take care of us and improve our mood before all the hours that we have ahead of us taking care of the children, playing and doing homework with them, working or if it is your case teleworking (here are the best tips to take advantage of working time at home) or simply relaxing with our favorite Netflix or HBO series. For this reason, so that you can come to the top, taking care of yourself and without stressing yourself out, we bring you 15 very tasty and easy-to-prepare breakfasts that will make you start the day in a different way, without a doubt much better.

    15 healthy and original breakfasts

    1-Toast with cheese and tomatoes in oil, eggs and avocado

    We like everything in this breakfast separately, so the best idea is to unite it and create a super delicious breakfast that the whole family will surely like.

    2-Breakfast bowl with kefir, granola and fresh fruit

    You only need 5 minutes to prepare this breakfast. But the best thing is that you will find in a single breakfast things as delicious as goat kefir, whole grain granola, fresh fruit and pollen. Or what is the same, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, protein and quality carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids. Brutal.

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    3-Banana pancakes with Greek yogurt

    If they tell you or read the word “pancakes” the most logical thing is that your eyes will make parsnips, but with this breakfast your conscience will be more than calm because it is very healthy and it will give you energy and happiness for the rest of the day .

    4-Japanese breakfast

    Because putting an exotic point to the first intake of the day is also funny, and if we make it very easy for you with this recipe, much more so.

    5-Mango, avocado, onion and chicken tartlet

    If you have a little more time to think and prepare tasty, colorful and healthy breakfasts at home, this recipe is perfect for you. Fruits + avocado (which is also fruit) make this breakfast one of our favorites.

    6-Strawberry and banana smoothie

    This refreshing Strawberry Banana Smoothie recipe is the perfect healthy breakfast. It is slightly sweet, creamy and delicious.

    strawberry banana smoothie

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    7-Sweet potato and avocado toast

    A perfect breakfast for someone who wants to take care of themselves. With the sweet taste of the sweet potato and the touch of the avocado, this toast has no rival if you want to start the day with joy.

    sweet potato and avocado toast

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    The good thing about this breakfast is that you can use almost everything (healthy) you have in the fridge. This delicious Italian salad accepts tomatoes, onions, basil… you can even put eggs in it if you fancy something more forceful.


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    Normally, the Casserole for breakfast includes sausages and potatoes, but we propose one with tomato, basil and mozzarella. Of course, you can add other ingredients that you like.


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    10-Breakfast Burrito

    Filled with eggs and fresh vegetables, this fun and nutritious burrito is healthy and easy to make.

    breakfast burrito

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    11-Avocado Smoothie

    An easy to make and refreshing vegan breakfast. If you want to give it an even more delicious touch, we recommend that you add a banana to the mix.

    avocado smoothie

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    12-Fruits of the forest with honey and cottage cheese

    This breakfast will not take you more than a few minutes. It’s creamy, delicious, and nutritious enough to keep you full until mealtime.

    forest fruits with honey and cottage cheese

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    13-Creamy oatmeal bowl with banana, blueberries, blackberries and sesame seeds

    Its name says it all, right? A breakfast that, in addition to being very rich, has a little of everything.

    creamy bowl of oatmeal with banana, blueberries, blackberries and sesame seeds

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    14-Vegan carrot waffles

    Well spiced and crunchy, these carrot waffles are a true wonder to start the day with strength and happiness.

    vegan carrot waffles

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    15-Blueberry Scones

    These blueberry scones are crunchy on the outside, and creamy on the inside as they are filled with red berries like blueberries. A perfect breakfast that you can also vary with other berries of this type so that you get the mixture that you like the most.

    blueberry scones

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