Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi resumed their love relationship several months ago. The driver settled in Argentina and her husband continues his employment relationship with the Galatasaray club in Turkey. Despite the distance, the media couple shared tender messages from their social networks.

The MasterChef host shared a suggestive photograph with a reflection that would be dedicated to the athlete.

“You hurt me, but I had to learn that without pain there would be no love and without love we are nothing,” Wanda began.

Wanda Nara’s post

To conclude, he added: “Because nothing will change a river of tears that I had to swim by myself, perhaps you were not for me, although I was happy.”

Her husband quickly commented: “Did you get romantic? Poet? Or do you walk with strangeness?“. Then he added: “Every day prettier.”

Wanda Nara confirmed that she wants to have another child with Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara revolutionized the networks again with her spicy answers in the Instagram question box. In the last hours, the businesswoman and host chatted with her followers and confirmed that she would like to be a mother again with Mauro Icardi, making it clear that things were good between them again, after the crises they faced in the last year .

Nara He responded to the queries of his more than 16 million followers, and among them, a user wanted to know: “Are you going to have one more child? Would you like it?”. To which Wanda, with great sincerity, shared a photo of the birth of Isabella, her youngest daughter, and said: “This day I said, my last baby Isi… Today I do see myself with one more”he admitted, enrapturing Mauro Icardi along with various phone emojis, as a sign of getting the message across.

The post where Wanda Nara confirmed that she would like to be a mother again with Mauro Icardi

Thousands of kilometers away and with a significant time difference, the soccer player responded to his wife in the same way. “I’ll think about it”.

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