After the new information about the death of Diego Maradona (the 8 defendants – the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luquethe psychiatrist Agustina Cosachovthe psychologist Carlos Diazthe nurses Ricardo Almiron and Gisela Dahiana Madrid; the coordinating doctor Nancy Forlini, nurse coordinator Mariano Perroni and the clinical doctor Pedro Di Spagnathey will go to trial), Mario Baudry spoke of the little Diego Fernando.

It is a very difficult topic, and those who have children will understand me, because his father was so famous that Dieguito, when he uses the tablet and looks at a Tik Tok, Facebook or YouTube, finds his father’s videos. With which, beyond the fact that we do not tell him what is happening, he comes in the morning and asks”, Mario Baudry declared in La tarde del Nueve.

“It also happens that he starts playing a little game and you ask him what he is doing and he answers that he is playing with his friends. Because he catches in soccer, the player Diego Maradona, and he thinks it’s him. So it’s very complex to explain it to him.”he explained.

“The other day he was playing online and when they asked him his name and he gave it, they didn’t believe him. So Verónica had to intervene. He is a boy who is on the networks all day, like everyone else, and he has complete information on what is happening. We try so that he does not have a burden in the future, that’s why we explain it to him simply. We hope that when he grows up, everything will be over and he won’t have many judgments on him, so that he has a full life.“, hill.

This was the celebration of Dieguito Maradona on his tenth birthday

Last February 13 Diego Fernando Maradona celebrated 10 years of age. The son of Diego Armando Maradona and veronica ojeda He celebrated his first decade of life with his family and friends at a great party organized by his mother and his current partner, the lawyer Mario Baudry. dieguito He was born in the last minutes of February 13, 2013 in Argentina, while his father was in the United Arab Emirates working as a technical director.

“My king, my mu“Happy birthday!” It’s been ten years since you changed my life“, wrote ojeda to share on your Instagram account a video made up of different photos together with dieguito. The celebration took place in a well-known place for trampolines. And among the friends and relatives who were present, the presence of louis venturawho accompanied his son antonito at the celebration

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