The world keeps moving forward, but the Women still carry a significant history when it comes to hearing praise or criticism about their bodies. The celebrities who hold her curves, the favorites of Instagram, they also carry this extra weight on their shoulders, and within the hegemony that opens the doors of entertainment are reflected in impossible comparisons.

The pressure made (and makes) many of them decide to continue in search of a perfect and unsustainable model of beauty. over time, trying plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments that are always presented as something new and the solution to several of their insecurities. But the story does not always end well.

At the same time, there are fewer laps in admitting the passage through the operating room, and little is known about the long-term consequences. That is why the word of those who were operated on two decades ago has another weight today.

Silvina Luna, when she received PEOPLE at her house.

Silvina Luna continues hospitalized, while more and more victims of Aníbal Lotocki are encouraged to speak

Silvina Luna (43) remains hospitalized in intensive care after a bacterium entered her body and caused multiple organ failure. Although in recent days she had presented a great improvement, this weekend there was a setback in his health. But, apparently, everything returned to settle again.

According to information that this medium could access, the situation would have improved in the last hours. It turned out that their cultures were negative.which improves his picture from the infectious side: “that’s good news“, confirmed William Capuya (MN 65404).

And he is not the only victim of Hannibal Lotocki who is currently admitted to a health center: Fran Marianowho denounced him in the media a few weeks ago, is also at a delicate moment, since You are at risk of losing one of your feet.

“I was in pain, I went to see my current surgeon and he saw my sore and he told me that I had to go back to the hospital because the virus did not die completely, the virus that was formed by that glucose substance that had”, he told last week in an interview.

silvina luna fran mariano
Silvina Luna and Fran Mariano, interned.

TO Gabriela Trenchi He also added fillers where he didn’t want and triggered Guillain-Barré Syndrome. “I went for tension threads in the tail and he placed a material up to my anklesthat I can never take it off again. No one can say what we have. It is a poison that is a time bomb”he pointed out last night, in dialogue with TN.

Mariano Caprarola was another of the victims of Aníbal Lotocki. He also went for a butt implant, and his body’s reaction to the product was the same as hers. Silvina Luna. “When my doctor grabbed me He told me that I was about to die from calcemiahis whole body was destroyed,” he confided to PEOPLE when he told how he managed to get ahead.

In your case, chose to undergo a new invasive surgery in order to remove the maximum of the product which I had as a filler. His testimony was heartbreaking: during the operation he was under anesthesia from the waist down and could hear the hardened plastic peeling from his muscles.

In addition to having been his partner for 8 years, Pamela Sosa was also a victim more from the doctor. Although it does not have the same product that Silvina and Gabriela Trenchi were filled with, it was found to have liquid silicone.

pamela sosa and anibal lotocki
Pamela Sosa and Aníbal Lotocki when they were a couple. (Photo: File)

“With the studies I realized that what I had inside is not even methacrylate, but a polymer mixed with an oil. They found me oil, silicone actually”, he pointed out. “I would have liked to ask Why do I have silicone in my legs, it is not what I asked for or what he had told me”, he assured with anger. And he added: “The Metacril brand provided data in the trial and they said they had not sold it for 15 years, so where did you get it from? We found that something else got into us.”

“Me They found me granulomas and I have diabetes. Although it is a silent disease, because I do not have visible consequences, I take care of myself and follow a diet in terms of food and physical exercise, ”she clarified.

Stefy Xipolitakis also resorted to Hannibal Lotocki for a butt filler, and suffers the consequences to this day: “I know that I have something that I did not ask for, it is a bomb that can explode me”, he pointed out a short time ago.

“The chronic disease that we all have is called Asia, you have pain all the time. I look at myself in music videos and I see myself sitting with my legs open, because if I cross them my buttocks area hurts a lot”, he explained.

Along the same lines is the testimony of Virginia Gallardo, another of the victims of his hands. “I have surgery and after five months I tear, at a level that couldn’t lift my leg ninety degrees,” he said as his voice began to crack.

With tears already running down her faceHe confessed that he thought he could never dance again. “It was just in 2010, the year that the proposal of the Dancingwith what that meant, I did it broken and I never victimized myself on the track. They can attest to both my coach and my colleagues,” he said. On another occasion, the panelist recounted that He had surgery with Lotocki when he was 21 years old and that he did it for a trade.

The case of Marixa Balli

Marixa Balli He was also a victim of malpractice. His time in the operating room was not for an aesthetic reason, but to undergo several reconstructive surgeries after the serious car accident he had.where her boyfriend at that time lost his life on the spot.

“The seat belt saved my life, although it also did a lot of damage to my body, and a surgeon that I trusted for a long time made me a malpractice that to this day I try to correct”, he counted.

Already seeing the scars hurts me”, justified Marixa when he said he didn’t want to elaborate on the subject, just before his voice cracked. She tried to stop the tears, without getting off the story that deserves to be told.

The surgeon, who was the one who always operated on me, took a shit. Instead of telling me that he was not qualified for this, he told me ‘Marixa, divine, come’ and annihilated me It’s still a number 1”, he maintained with regret.

The worst was the reaction of the professional after having acted badly: “never recognized what he did. You are ashamed to say what he did to me, because he was always a good surgeon. However, after that he went through seven other doctors. And he remarked that if he did not complain, it is because shame and hate.

Marian Farjat also denounced malpractice

Marian Farjat this week tweeted his feelings regarding the hospitalization of Silvina Luna, since both were victims of malpractice. In addition to asking for a prayer in her name, she said that they met as ex-sisters from the house of Big Brother.

“I will never forget when, in 2016, He told me: ‘never have surgery’, and well, capriciously, the following year I had surgery on my nose and I had the bad practices”, he detailed about the premonition that he did not know how to listen in time.

The ordeal for her began when she was 19 years old and she decided to have a rhinoplasty that led to respiratory problems. “It has been many years since I have been dealing with this issue, it has been seven years and three reconstruction surgeries; I wanted to touch it up a bit and on the outside I was quite satisfied with what they did to me, but the problem was on the inside because my breathing affected me a lot, ”he explained.

“To this day I don’t really know what he did to me, I drew my own conclusion, I think he filed me down and added cartilage that did not correspond to the tip of my nose and that my body rejectedthese indications demonstrate the scientific part”, he recounted in an extensive interview that he gave in Intruders (America TV).

She rebuked the doctor and the response she received made her even more angry: “I told him: ‘Please tell me what you put on me!’, and he answered that if I wanted he could fix it for free, and obviously I was not going to undergo an operation with him again, so after insisting so much He ended up admitting to me that ‘he may have been confused’I could not believe it”.

Matilda Blanco revealed that she was a victim of malpractice: “I have to take medication for life”

Matilda White She suffered from a poorly performed liposuction performed on her by a surgeon friend. It all started “because of a roll” that bothered her, but during the operation she inhaled too much and caused damage to the inside of her legs.

“Lipo aspirated lymphs, for six or seven months I had legs of a size that cannot be imagined. I have to take medication for life. I had it is that I had a very bad time for a long time ”, express.

And he explained: “The person who did it to me decided not to close the abdominal wall, which gave me a hernia. I’m not going to say who this professional was. I lived a tremendous story, at least tell people that if you want to operate, consult surgeons who really have real practice in this. There are people who take you as a guinea pig, I know it because it happened to me, they took me for that”.

María Valenzuela and the malpractice of her dentist

Maria Valenzuela He publicly denounced his dentist due to a poorly done job that led to unbearable pain that prevented him from eating: “Three years ago I began treatment with a dentist to place implants. His name is Manuel; for legal reasons I cannot say his last name. Manuel: I weigh 35 kilos and in these three years I have already been hospitalized several times. Manuel, I beg you to give the name of your insurer and this hell ends“.

In search of the solution, the actress discovered that one of her breast prostheses was broken and the liquid had invaded the body. They had to attend to that urgently, since it is a dangerous and common situation for those who underwent this type of surgery more than a decade ago.

Then, he continued with what had happened in his mouth at the hands of another doctor. “I found out that the pins had been crooked and there was not a correct bite. I no longer have pain and it no longer affects me to eat,” he clarified. And added: “I sent him a document letter here and they bounced it back. I’m not going to continue with this anymore, it’s wasting energy on something that has no solutionleads me to bitterness, anger and hatred”.

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