Soon to turn 59, Sandra Bullock she enjoys the peace that the happy endings of those romantic films that she was able to interpret and that made her known worldwide bring.

It is that in recent years, the life of the American actress took a turn and managed to find family balance and love happiness after hitting rock bottom after her devastating divorce with Jesse Jamesthe man who turned his life into a nightmare.

Of course, like any good comedy, there is no happy ending without a dramatic twist or plot twists. Next, the story of one of the most beloved Hollywood performers among the public thanks to films like Miss Congeniality either The proposal who knew how to be reborn

File Image: Sandra Bullock
File Image: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, the man who cheated on her while filming the movie for which she won an Oscar

At the beginning of 2010, the actress seemed to have a perfect life. However, what should have been a year of complete happiness ended in drama. Apparently Bullock wasn’t wrong when she recognized his “deadly fear of marriage”since the only time he was married the affair ended in a scandalous and humiliating divorce.

A few days after having dedicated her Oscar for ‘Best Leading Actress’ for her role in A possible dream to a man who seemed to adore her, she learned from the media that her husband Jesse James had been unfaithful with not one, but several women.

As revealed by the American press, one of James’s loversan adult film actress, He agreed to make the infidelity public in exchange for a million-dollar sum of money. It was thus that Sandra Bullock began to live a nightmare, not only because of public humiliation, but also because of the pain of seeing that perfect image of the man she saw herself raising Louis with disintegrate, the adoptive son whose paperwork he had secretly submitted to start a family. the same with which he ended up in his arms leaving his house and knowing that there was no turning back.

Sandra Bullock received her first Oscar in 2010, an award that she tearfully dedicated to her husband at the time, Jesse James.

The numerous infidelities of Jesse James to Sandra Bullock that were made public

That February 2010, after the media scandal, two statements were made public. In which she circulated, apologized for not attending the London premiere of the film for which she had just been awarded an Academy Award, “due to unforeseen personal reasons”, for which she assured that “a trip abroad is impossible at this time.”

For her part, the one issued by her ex-husband apologized for “the pain and shame” that his infidelities had caused his wife and children (the businessman had two daughters from a previous relationship).

After the media bomb exploded, other lovers of James began to speak. In Touch magazine published an article titled “The Ultimate Betrayal,” which featured an interview with tattoo artist Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who claimed that had had sex with Jesse James while Bullock was filming the movie for which he won his first Oscar.

Sandra Bullock scene in A possible dreama film that earned her the Oscar for best leading actress.

Besides, reported that they had intimate encounters for 11 months. Even on many occasions They had sex in the garage of the actress’s house. To prove that she was telling the truth, the woman made public her conversations on Facebook with James. And she publicly apologized to the actress.

“I feel bad for Sandra. I know what you’re going through. She must be hurt, devastated, disgusted and ashamed.”McGee noted. “I would like to offer you a sincere apology. I am very sorry that all this has become public, ”he indicated. The woman also called James a “liar”, since, according to her, the motorcycle mechanic had told her that he was separated from her.

“This has been a month full of joy, which leaves me with one of the most pleasant experiences in my career and in life,” said the actress on the red carpet at the Oscars, after an awards season where she won almost all the awards for her performance in A possible dream.

In turn, the Los Angeles Times newspaper assured at that time that Bullock’s husband was a heavy consumer of dating sites where he was looking for women “tattoos, with big breasts and that are hot”.

The number of infidelities was so great that the biker was forced to apologize to his wife with these words: “It is clear that there is only one person to blame for all this and that person is me. I hope one day he can find forgiveness in his heart.”.

Finally, James checked himself into a rehab clinic to treat his sex addiction and save his marriage.but Sandra Bullock had already made up her mind: divorce was a fact.

A few months after his divorce with Bullock, Jesse James became engaged to one of his lovers: Kat Von D.

The miracle that saved Sandra Bullock from a deep depression

Regarding motherhood, Sandra Bullock He always remarked that he was hoping to find the ideal man to undertake this journey. “It’s not something I would do alone“He remarked in an interview with E! News. He would never have imagined that the statement he made would be so wrong.

In an interview with The Sun in 2018, the protagonist of gravity He admitted that when his marriage fell apart he was so heartbroken that he didn’t know how he was going to get back on his feet: “I was literally on the ground. I thought I would be heartbroken forever. I didn’t know how to continue, I just chose to take time to absorb it.”.

In April 2010, Bullock filed for divorce, the most important decision of his life.. “When Katrina hit New Orleans I knew… Something told me my son was there,” she tearfully told Today magazine much later. He was referring to the 2005 natural disaster that left more than 1,800 dead and hundreds of orphaned children.

Louis, Sandra Bullock’s adopted son, who “taught her to live again.”

Although Bullock lived through a painful legal process, he knew how to lean on the love of his family, his closest friends and his son Louis, who had just come into his life in January 2010, just a month before the scandal.

She had started the procedures with her then husband, but after what happened she raised him alone. Louis became her world, and he gave her the strength to continue: “He taught me to live again. It is the greatest gift you can have. A son forces you to move on”.

Sandra Bullock with her first adopted son, Louis, after a dramatic separation.

After the storm, things got better. Five years later, the former model and photographer appeared in his life. Bryan Randall, whom she met at the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. That same year, the actress announced that she had adopted laila, a three and a half year old girl from a Louisiana orphanage. Together with Randall, the actress materialized her dream of starting a family.

Many times you are born into a family and, on other occasions, you need to look for it. What is really important is knowing that family is what you are willing to fight for and what you protect,” she said in an interview about her decision to adopt again.

When I look at Laila, I have no doubt that she should be here.”, he declared to People magazine in 2015 when he presented his beloved and long-awaited daughter with a cover photograph taken by his current partner. “The right kids came to me at the right time.”, he added.

The cover of People magazine in which Sandra Bullock introduced her little Laila.

The happy ending of Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock she spent several years focused on her son louis (13), who was joined in 2015 by his second daughter, lailawho is now eleven years old, which caused him to slow down his films in order to enjoy the two little ones that changed his life for good, and that they gave him that family that he had sought so much.

According to what the North American press pointed out at the time, Sandra’s attraction to Randall began to be a serious thing when the photographer He went to make some portraits of the actress’s son on the occasion of his fifth birthday.

Currently, Sandra Bullock enjoys the family she has always sought, along with her partner, Bryan Randall, and their children, Laila and Louis.

They have lived together for several years and, according to various sources told AND! News in 2018, they presented a chemistry as if they had been looking for each other forever. Today, both share the care and involvement in the education of the actress’s children, since motherhood is the facet of her life that she likes the most.

The new couple began their relationship knowing that Louis was a priority and that the actress intended to adopt another child. who know them They say they are “soul mates”and that Randall, furthermore, He is the personification of the prototype of the man that the interpreter was looking for. “Someone you can admire and be proud of, a man who can make you laugh and think”, as she responded in many interviews when asked about his ideal partner.

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