military vehicle division General Motors has unveiled all the details of its revolutionary new vehicle destined to replace the iconic HUMVEEfamous for its civilian version Hummer H1. This new military vehicle, known as eMCV (Electric Military Concept Vehicle), marks a historic evolution by incorporating a state-of-the-art electrical mechanics.

Mounted on the Ultium platform, the eMCV is powered by three electric motors.

The eMCV has been revealed for the first time during the event Marine Military Expo 2023 in Washington DC. On this occasion, General Motors has taken an innovative turn, adapting the mechanics of the Hummer EV for the development of this cutting-edge military vehicle.

The military vehicle shares the same mechanics as the Hummer EV, but presents a distinctive element that optimizes its performance: the absence of doors and roof, reducing its weight and increasing its autonomy.

mounted on the ultium platformthe eMCV is driven by three electric motors with an impressive 200 kWh battery, giving you a permanent all-wheel drive.

The eMCV has been revealed for the first time during the Marine Military Expo 2023 event in Washington DC.

It is expected to reach a power of 1,000 hp and a staggering maximum torque of 15,591 Nm. In addition, it incorporates a 12 kW diesel generator for motor to charge the battery during operation. Its autonomy is estimated at about 500 kilometers and has a fast charge of 350 kW.

With a capacity to carry up to six passengers, the eMCV is equipped with innovative features such as the Silent Watch and the Silent Drive, which allow stealthy and silent operations. It also includes the call crab modewhich optimizes your mobility in different situations.

With the eMCV, General Motors demonstrates its commitment to innovation and technological advancement in the military, bringing efficiency and electric power to the next generation of vehicles designed to support troops in critical missions.

A leap into the future that promises exceptional performance and greater sustainability on the battlefield.

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