“If you’re alive, you can.” The phrase that summarizes Links II, the new book by Gabriela Arias Uriburu, It is part of the emblem of the life of the activist who fought against the system and an entire country to be able to be reunited with her three children after her husband took them to Jordan. It is an edition of just over 200 pages by Editorial KIER where he proposes that the public enter a new perspective. The idea now is to look ahead.

But without a doubt, beyond all the journey that can be made from his experiences through the pages, readers will find a detail at first sight: a cover specially illustrated by Tamara Abu Soud, his daughter-in-law, and wife of Karim Shaban. “It is a work of art of hers. It is the meeting between East and West. Who would have thought that from the first book to now one of my children’s wives would participate.” stated in dialogue with PEOPLE.

Gabriela Arias Uriburu about her new work: “It is a book that contains a lot of strength for reconciliation, for resilience.”

The Links II sneak peek

“If you are here, reading these words, it is because you are dying to the old and giving birth to the new. Don’t worry, you are not alone: ​​there are many of us traveling this path. The intention of this book is to accompany you in this process, to bring you closer to some understandings and tools that I was acquiring along the way, because the experiences, the learning and the wisdom are full when they are shared. I think the most wonderful thing for me was falling into the void on my journey of self-knowledge, learning to transmute, transform and alchemize events, emotions and circumstances. Life took me through the unfathomable paths of the spirit. It was difficult and, therefore, possible.” explains Arias Uriburu when taking readers into Links II.

We are in a time when the soul is awakening the body, remembering who we really are. What does this mean? It is what in a poetic language could be translated ‘Heaven is settling on earth’. To talk to God, we used to look up at the firmament; now, to connect with him, we just lower our heads and look at our hearts. That is Links II. If you are alive, you can: from soul to soul, from heart to heart. The wound or that event that happened to you or is happening to you, maybe it’s for the best and it hurts (if it hurts, it’s because you’re alive). In that way? It takes a lot of courage to recognize what needs to be resolved in us, what needs to heal, to be calm again”, says.

The cover of his new book.

“In order to achieve the transformation of ties, it is necessary to illuminate the antagonist,” says Gabriela Arias Uriburu

  • In order to bond, you need to know your intimate enemy, the one who doesn’t want you to light up with certain relationships that come into your life. The intimate enemy is not interested in you investigating or getting to know him either, in order to continue having power over your life. Carl Jung said that “the task of self-knowledge has to do with raising awareness.” That is what I propose that we do: awareness; awakening consciousness we arrive at the essential. Victim and perpetrator is a tremendous topic that seems to be alien to one; however, it is something of everyday life that challenges us permanently.
  • When starting a path of healing, freedom and love, you have to come into contact with the dark part, with what we do not dare to look straight at within. You have to see what you have to see, honestly and without excuses, tell us the truth about what is happening in our lives. This is an invitation to review what needs to be transformed with value. Courage, you are not alone! Here I am sharing your journey.
Gabriela Arias Uriburu and her son
Gabriela Arias Uriburu with her children Karim and Zahira.

Gabriela Arias Uriburu and the reason for “Vínculos II”

How and why was he born? Links II?

-The first Linkswhich was published in 2012, was a book that helped many people to know that, regardless of the circumstances, never leaves the people you love. It was all that expression. AND Links II It was born from a seminar I did when I traveled to Jordan in 2011, precisely for my son Karim’s engagement, and I started doing seminars. Thus was born this book.

– How powerful was that seminar?

-As it is. Links II It’s all my journey between East and West. And one of the most beautiful parts of it, among so many beautiful parts, is the cover of Tamara, Karim’s wife, an impressive Jordanian painter. I am a big fan of her work. When I saw her painting on her Instagram, I asked her if she didn’t want it to be the cover of the book, since that painting spoke a lot about the links. To the publisher (KER) he loved it and began a process in record time, because when the internal part was being printed, the cover was still missing. But everything turned out wonderfully. The union between East and West, that synergy, that amalgamation was my great task. And unthinkable: imagine, that for Links II If a work by Jordana arrived, by a Jordanian woman who was also Karim’s wife, it is something wonderful, indescribable for me.

–Where is Tamara’s original painting that illustrates the cover today?

She wanted to send me the artwork as a gift for my birthday and Jordanian Mother’s Day, which are only a few days apart., but since it is very delicate, it could not finish organizing and doing it. So he’s waiting for me in Jordan. when the doctor (she underwent kidney surgery on January 13) Allow me to travel, in a few months, I will receive you with pure happiness.

–In your book, among other mobilizing phrases, there is one that is as strong as it is poetic: “If you are alive, we can do it.” Do you want to tell in which frame it is pronounced?

–Yes, of course… The phrase was given to me by my therapist, who also passed away a few years ago. The book goes back and forth focusing on all the bonding aspects that I experienced. It has a lot of my previous works, intimate enemy, of to meet the heartof Links. Links II it enters the layers of traumas, of deep pain. He even recounts the testimony of a woman who began a work of self-knowledge, and in the middle of this path she lived through a very difficult history of violence and received a cancer diagnosis. And there she begins a whole work with illness, death, life… It is a book that contains a lot of strength for reconciliation, resilience, and also about family constellations. It is a book, I would summarize you, that makes me very happy.

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