This Friday, on the floor of america tv, the media veronica ojeda gave an interview to THE M. At the beginning, everything was normal, until the woman, a former partner of Diego Maradonahe realized that the lawyer Mauricio D’Alessandro I was a guest on the show. Driver, Angel De Brito he consulted Mauricio to what the anger was due, and there the least expected crossing occurred.

“First and foremost, he didn’t win me anything. He is a clown. Second, I never badmouthed Mühlberger. Third, I did not take Mühlberger to Diego. Fourth, he is a clown, because he says anything. he did not win me or the heirs anything”, assured the ex of the player.

“This man is a clown, guys, he says anything. And then he wants to be mayor of something… Who is going to vote for this man? By God, a generous country,” he insisted.

“You tell lies and you are a clown. The truth is that elsewhere you say something else. In another, you say another…”, Ojeda remained firm. “This clown He won you all the causes. and that’s what makes you nervous, he understands you”, provoked D’Alessandro. “I came with the documents, with the papers and prove it. Not with the language or with the TV. Show that you beat me,” she replied.

Maradona’s audio to Verónica Ojeda, angry at not being able to see Dieguito

Diego Maradona and veronica ojeda they had started 2019 together, living in Mexico with dieguito fernando and everything made it seem that they were definitely headed to form a family.

But what seemed like a dream quickly came to an end and at the end of May, Ojeda returned to the country in the middle of a scandal, and since then Maradona has not had contact with Dieguito Fernando again.

If Diego renews with Los Dorados, just like Mexico I won’t come back“Ojeda told the media present in Ezeiza.

And in this context, Marina Calabró presented in Mariana’s diary an audio that the former DT of Dorados de Sinaloa sent to Ojeda on July 5, in which the former soccer player talks about the son they have in common, and makes a self-criticism of his role as a father.

In the message you can hear how Ten greeted his ex-partner and made a great self-criticism: “Hello Verónica, I want to know how Gordo is, I haven’t seen him since May. I’m mad at myself because I’m an asshole”.

Then, as the 2019 Copa América Brazil was being played, Maradona invited Dieguito to his house to watch the Argentina-Chile match for third place: “The National Team is playing tomorrow, we’ll eat some pizza here and I want to see it, okay?”.

After this there were countless messages from Verónica trying to re-establish communication and there was never a response. She feels that she is blocked“, Calabró said later.

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