Jorge Rial (61) evolves favorably after the cardiac episode he had in Colombia, where he had traveled a few days before. In the last hours and through the screen of which he is a figure, the driver of C5N He assured with a thumbs up that everything is going well. Although his face does not appear in the image, he is recognized by his tattoos.

He Dr. Guillermo Capuyathe driver’s personal doctor, traveled especially to Bogotá to accompany his patient. “I noticed him very calm. He received me in his room and we were chatting. The pain she felt was atypical, but she is in good condition, ”she recounted hours before the photo was released.

It was confirmed that George suffered a heart attackAnd your daughter More He said that he is recovering favorably. “Okay, she remembers everything, even when she came back from unemployment. Me He told me that he heard the voice of my son”, she expressed, still shocked by the last hours.

The first photo of Jorge Rial since his hospitalization. (Photo: Capture)

At the same time, he assured that the problem was solved and that your heart is working fine. capuya He also informed that he will visit him again and that He is in permanent dialogue with the Colombian doctors to define his passage to the common room and a possible transfer next week to Buenos Aires.

Jorge Rial and the support of his daughters

Dr. Guillermo Capuya revealed that, although Jorge Rial remains insulated from repercussions, feels grateful for the support of his daughters, Brunette and Dewwho took the first flight to Colombia when they found out that their father needed them.

“He didn’t see the phone. She does not know anything. I told him that the media talks a lot about him, but he was moved by the love his friends gave him,” said his personal doctor.

More Rial He was the one who took over the post of communication and used the arrival on his social networks to bring peace of mind. “My dad is stable and improving.“, he pointed out, at the same time that he appreciated the concern and asked for silence rather than inventing rumors with bad viciousness.

He also spoke to the press: “I thought my dad was dying”, he counted without turns. “He told us he was having a heart attack, but not to worry, it was fine. Supposedly, they were going to do a catheterization that was something simple, that is, it had already happened and our presence was not necessary. But when the situation began to worsen, they notified our relatives”, he explained.

One of the last posts of More Rial. (Photo: Social Networks)

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