TO Calú Rivero The note is very full in her new stage as mother of CAT –fruit of his relationship with Aíto de la Rúa– and from her social networks she shares the first months of her baby’s life. How could it be otherwise, the baby is absorbing her spiritual beliefs from her.

The model showed a sweet video in which her baby is seen lying down very happily. Next to him is seen Carlos del Rio, whom Calu called as “uncle”, playing a peaceful melody on a kalimba, a wind instrument. During the 40 seconds that he is filmed, Tao does not take his eyes off him in astonishment and happiness.

The publication received several comments despite the fact that the influencer limited the interactions. “Lucky Tao,” Ella Marou’s aunt wrote. “Oh, what a beauty. Food for her soul and her little body,” he added Anabel Cherubito.

After that, Calu shared a photo with his son and his friend Carlos. “Magical visits”, she wrote next to the photograph in which the three of them pose very happily.

Calu’s post

The departure of Tao and Calu Rivero

Calu, a fan of fashion, does not hesitate to share this passion with her baby. After several weeks living in Uruguay, both took advantage of their stay in the city of Buenos Aires and visited their friends.

Calu Rivero and her baby, Tao

Mother and son stopped by an elegant store specializing in baby clothes and posed together. Calu also showed little Tao as a childish “model” and added some cute clouds around him.

Tao of the Rua

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