Shelby Americanthe company founded by the legendary American pilot Carroll Shelby in 1962, he presented his latest project: a kit that allows the electric SUV to be customized Ford Mustang Mach-e in its GT version.

The company’s European division has created a package that includes modifications to the aesthetics of the vehicle and its weight, as well as a sound synthesizer that seeks to improve the driving experience.

This kit, which will only be available in 100 units and has a cost of €24,900, does not affect the vehicle’s propulsion system. The Mustang Mach-e GT keeps intact the system that allows it to accelerate 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and reach 200 km/h Thank you to your 487 hp.

The changes focus on the replacement of some parts of the vehicle with carbon fibersuch as the front hood, front grille, mirror caps, front splitter and sills. These variants make it possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle and its center of gravity, as well as lower the height by 2.5 cm.

Regarding aesthetics, they have used specific vinyls that run through the entire body, a double longitudinal stripe, a side stripe and the Shelby logos. Some have also been installed special tires reminiscent of those used on other Shelby-customized Mustangs.

One of the most curious elements of the kit is the sound synthesizer Active Performance Sounddesigned by the firm Tassel. This device emits a sound through a speaker that varies depending on the speed, the revolutions of the electric motors and the driving modes.

This sound synthesizer seeks to offer a sportier driving experience, although totally artificial…

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