La Scaloneta continues to give us happiness since they brought the World Cup to the Argentine people, almost seven months ago. It is that part of the technical team led by lionel scaloni became a trend in social networks after starring the new spot of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

In the commercial you can see the acting “gifts” of Lionel Scaloni, Pablo Aimar, Roberto Ayala and Walter Samuel. The former footballers of the national team made their debut as actors and created a sensation in the virtual world.

This is the acting debut of the Scaleneta

Lionel Scaloni, Pablo Aimar, Roberto Ayala and Walter Samuel provide airline passengers with the classic safety tips repeated by flight attendants usually on every flight. The spot premiered this Friday as part of the renewal that the company is carrying out in terms of corporate image and communication, after 10 years without introducing changes.

This is not the first time that the brand has carried out an action with important figures. In recent years, the company has worked with referents of urban music, the National Team and Argentine teams. The immediate precedent is “the plane of the National Team” that made the special flights to Qatar and that brought back the world champion team.

“The National Team and Airlines have things in common like connecting and uniting Argentines; the idea surprised us and we tried to make the security video with the utmost seriousness and responsibility,” explains Scaloni in the video.

The security video It can be seen in its entirety on the company’s official YouTube channel and passengers will be able to follow its instructions on Airbus 330 and Embraer 190 aircraft, through the screens located in each seat.

Lionel Messi came to fiction

Lionthe Messi, He is one of the most important figures in world football. And in addition to his skills on the court, he surprised everyone with a new facet: he served as an actor in the latest production of Adrian Suar, “The protectors”together with “El Chueco”, Gustavo Bermudez and Andres Parra.

Lionel Messi with the cast of “The Protectors”

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