Twelve years ago, the entire world was paying some attention to the entry of charlene from monaco (45) -still Wittstock then-, in the courtyard of the Grimaldi palace, in Monte Carlo, walking on a red carpet and under an immense white awning. But the image that endures of the princess is that of a sad bride, without a trace of happiness.

In this sense, that July 2, 2011 a nervous woman was seen, very serious, to tears, only smiling at the end of the ceremony, head down, before the distinguished guests of royal families, art, fashion and music. Although their body expressions drew attention, none of those present or the spectators would have imagined that the mood of that event was due to the infidelities of royal that he was marrying her.

As described by the press about that event, the princess’s gaze seemed lost. However, it was not until later that it was learned that days before the wedding, Charlene had discovered that Alebrto II was unfaithful to her, not with one but with several women.

There are those who came to point out that the powerful prince saw his wife as an object, which he would not let go so easily: for those who slipped on the table about a possible breakup of the couple.

File image: Alberto and Charlene of Monaco get married
File image: Alberto and Charlene of Monaco get married on July 2, 2011.

The love story of Albert II to Charlene Wittstock

Alberto de Monaco met Charlene in a swimming pool in 2000. She was a famous Olympic swimmer from South Africa. However, It wasn’t until six years later at the Winter Olympics that they met again and decided to give themselves a chance as a couple.

Although at first everything seemed love and joy, but an old family curse would fall on Charlene of Monaco. It’s just, this man was known as the “the prince womanizer“, a nickname that earned him his relationships with commoners and his multiple infidelities and adventures. Getting to the point of having two children without having married.

File image: Charlene of Monaco and Albert II after saying “I do”.

Going out with Alberto II was to accept a life that was not at all monogamous. However, the former athlete went ahead without knowing that the “Grimaldi curse” would ruin her life, say experts in the Crown of Monaco.

After four years of dating, Carlos proposed to the renowned Olympian. She excitedly accepted the union. However, it was rumored that it was all a plan by the Royal House of Monaco. Since Charlene had the mission of procreating her future heirs. It is that, according to the experts in royalty, the royal family knew that the other women that Alberto frequented, were not suitable to hold the Crown of Monaco. On the other hand, Charlene was a respected athlete, therefore, they ended up encouraging the relationship between the two to continue and strengthen.

After four years of relationship, Alberto proposed to Charlene
After four years of relationship, Alberto proposed to Charlene

What is the Grimaldi curse about?

The Grimaldi’s long history of divorces and romantic failures is due to a supposed curse. According to an ancient story from Monaco, a mistress of King Rainier cast a spell on him when he disposed of her: “Never a Grimaldi will find happiness in marriage“.

Although for many it was a simple fable, the curse began to gain strength when Alberto II’s mother lost her life in an accident, and after that it was seen how none of the princes seem to be lucky in love.

The whole world saw a tearful Charlene of Monaco, head down and with a lost look on the day of her wedding to Albert II.

Such is the case of Alberto de Monaco, that on his wedding day Charlene’s sadness was very evident. It’s that she wouldn’t stop crying. She didn’t seem happy. According to her, the princess found out about the infidelities of her future husband, days before the ceremony. When they find out about her, they say that the royal she attempted to escape Monaco but was held back by security and convinced to stay. Her devastated face throughout the ceremony earned her the title of the ‘Sad Princess’. Something that did not change even with the arrival of their children.

Three years after the wedding, Gabriela and Jaime were born, but it is said that even with the princes in her arms, Charlene seemed happy. There are those who believed that once her objective was achieved, the Olympian would ask her husband for a divorce, which never came. Since the princess kept the fake smile of hers and the sad look of hers till date.

File image: Christening of the princes of Monaco: Jaime and Gabriela on May 10.

The suspicions of the sudden departure of Charlene from Monaco

Initially, charlene from monaco he dedicated himself to working in a foundation, but his emotions did not seem to be able to control all the time, sources close to him assured. So he decided to seclude himself from public life for a while.

Although the Royal House said that she was ill, her relatives suspected that the reason was because the princess could not stand being in the same house with the prince. There are those who say that she only wanted to flee and be away from Alberto II, however, the prince wanted to avoid scandals and rumors about his person and honor, so there are those who say that he offered her a deal that he could not refuse. .

File image: Alberto and Charlene of Monaco with their children Princes Gabriela and Jaime.

It should be noted that the Royal House of Monaco owns more than a billion dollars, being one of the most powerful families in the world. Although for Charlene none of this was worth her happiness, some sources indicate that Alberto offered her 12 million dollars a year: one million for each month that they continue.

On this line, we could say that this is how this marriage reaches 12 years of marriage on July 1. Where the rumors of infidelity never stopped and the scandals over his alleged bastard children also endured. While the former athlete took care of her children and fought against a mental health crisis who had her admitted to a clinic in Switzerland.

The Grimaldis are one of the most powerful and influential families in the world. With plenty of relationships in the world of fashion and art. Princess Caroline of Hanover was a close friend of Karl Lagerfeld.

Charlene de Monaco and her return to the Monaco palace

After four years away from the same roof as Alberto, Charlene de Monaco finally returned. Determined to deal with her health problems and weather the bad times of her marriage, the princess is seen actively working in charities.

Also, according to experts, They point out that something changed in her. She looks more determined and empowered: She shaved off her hair as a sign of rebellion, and she is even the only member of the royal family with personal networks.

File image: Alberto and Charlene of Monaco on Monaco’s National Day on November 19, 2022.

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