barbie simons He is going through one of the hardest and most difficult moments of his life, as he commented on his personal social networks. The driver this week was super sad because she died Lionhis 93-year-old grandfather.

The father of Barbie was the renowned driver leonardo simons, who committed suicide in 1996 when she was a teenager. Since then, Lion played a fundamental role in the life of the television host.

Barbie Simons with her grandfather Leon, the father of Leonardo Simons

Through instagram, always showed the sweet attachment relationship he had with his grandfather. Every day they went on adventures and had fun sharing time together. For this reason, when they found out about her death, many of her thousands of followers wrote to her to contain her through different messages of love.

In this context, she felt that she had to return some of the good energy and love that was transmitted to her and she wrote through a stories in the aforementioned audiovisual social network of Meta: “I want to sincerely thank everyone who accompanied me and offered their support during this difficult time that I am going through.“.

Barbie Simons’ message to those who supported her in this difficult time

Then, barbie simons He went on to say: “The messages, the calls, the words of encouragement, the hugs, the prayers and the expressions of affection are the best that one can receive in a moment of sadness and pain.“.

Finally, he closed the message with full thanks: “I feel grateful for the amazing friends, family and people I have around me. Although nothing can replace the absence of my grandpa, the love I received from all of you makes everything easier to process.“.

The harsh confession of Barbie Simons

Barbie Simons says she was bullied as a child

Last year, interviewed by Andy Kusnetzoff -in PH, we can all talk-, the host claimed to have had a difficult childhood due to the bullying she suffered. “We have all suffered bullying to some extent, I went to the same school all my life and, in between, I lived in Paraguay, and I came back speaking with an accent. When I returned to Argentina, everyone bullied me for the tune. Until the day of Today I remember that when I was doing physical education we used to wear skirts and when we ran they screwed me because of my cellulite” the driver began counting.

After remembering the hard times he went through during school days, he added “I gained and lost a lot of weight and it is no coincidence that after everything they tormented me I went through anorexia nervosa at the age of 15 or 16 and I think they deserve to be named.”.

While Barbie mentioned the facts, the driver assured that until now these cases continue to be seen. Then the host added “I know it was another era, another social conscience. Luckily I never saw them again, but if I crossed them now I would tell them all the damage they caused me“He concluded in that interview.

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