Currently, Ludovica Squirru It is a true emblem of the Chinese horoscope. Year after year, thousands of people in the region follow his predictions. But the truth is that this present is far from the past as an actress and the harsh childhood she had.

In an interview she gave Perfil a few years ago, she revealed that when she was a girl she had to go to work because her dad didn’t like to do it. For that reason, for a time he sold newspapers and magazines in the streets of Parque Leloir, the west side town where he grew up.

Ludovica Squirru's book is available in all bookstores and online from Ediciones B.
Ludovica Squirru’s book is available in all bookstores and online from Ediciones B.

Ludovica, the name she received from her mother who was born in the Black Forest in Germany, etymologically speaking, means “the one who does it alone” and is a clear example of sacrifice and perseverance.

In addition, among his surprising works, there is a participation in the novel Sola that he devised Alberto Migré and was broadcast in 1983 on the Channel 9 screen with protagonists of Zulma Faiad, Stella Maris Closas, Gerardo Romano, Tina Serrano and Nelly Fontan.

“When she married my dad, she told him about it and he told her that when they had a daughter they would call her Ludovica. As a girl I suffered a lot from jokes, but when Tato Bores discovered me in the eighties, I began to love him,” she specified.

“Since I was a girl, I felt that I had a thousand women inside who were looking for different ways to express themselves. I imagined that she was going to follow what she intuited, which was quite particular. They were premonitory dreams, things that came true. I felt that I was going to have a life related to heaven, to the cosmicadded Squirru.

Ludovica Squirru talked about her life in Parque Leloir

“I liked to look at the sky and study the constellations. I was incorporating it from the farm in Parque Leloir, a wonderful place where I grew up. I lived there until I was seventeen years old. In my travels through Argentina, which I was and am passionate about, I enjoy its geography and its skies. From there is that I dedicated myself to astrology. Writing always came naturally, and at the same time I was an actress, and very successful. Then it was time to decide, either I dedicated myself to acting or continued to investigate the sky and study. So I decided to cultivate a “science” that was not known here: the I Ching, Chinese astrology, “she said about it.

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