Since before consecrating himself winner of Big Brother, Marcos Ginocchio He became an idol for the youngest. It is that the 22-year-old from Salta has his own fandom that has fun creating memes and clips that quickly go viral on social networks. Such is the case, that in the last hours the “champion” was compared to Troy Bolton, the main character of High School Musical.

If there was something that Marcos was missing, it was that they found similarities with the actor Zac Efron (35), with whom, in addition to sharing “an air” from aesthetics, they have the same vibe. “Hilo Marcos with vibes to Troy bolton in High School Musical”wrote the user @Miranda29405153 on Twitter and then put a series of scenes from the Disney film where he is dressed in a similar way to the GH participant.

With almost 5 thousand likes and more than 167,000 Reproductions The tweet drove the Twitter community crazy, which joined in by adding new photos and even making edits on TikTok.

Marcos Ginocchio returned to Tik Tok and made fun of himself

Marcos, the brand new winner of the last season of Big Brother, continues to enjoy his popularity after the end of the reality show and, to be closer to his followers, he decided to set up a TikTok account.

“El primo” decided to start his career as a TikToker by reacting to funny moments of his stay inside the most famous house in the country.

Under the title “The cousin almost left us” he showed his reaction to the video that shows the day he slipped down the steps of the pool. In close-up, he filmed himself laughing and covering his mouth in shock.

The post was quickly filled with comments welcoming him to the famous social network. The same thing also decided to flatter the beauty of the winner: “Only he can fall and still look good.”

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