The historical throne of saint edward was commissioned in 1296 by Edward I to house one of the most important symbols of English history: the so-called stone of sconewhich the aforementioned king captured in the abbey of that name after defeating the Scots.

Since the fourteenth century, both the throne and the stone on which the monarchs sat have been a central element in coronation acts of the British sovereigns. Chair that they are already preparing for Carlos III to rest during his coronation this weekend.

Although in 1996 London returned the Stone of Scone to the Scots -which exhibit it in Edinburgh Castle-, said object is ceded to be used in the coronations of future monarchs.

In this sense, according to the English press, the block of sandstone of medieval origin – which weighs 152 kilos – arrived in the British capital from Scotland over the weekend to be used this Saturday, May 6.

The Throne of Saint Edward.

The royal chairs of the coronation of Carlos III

However, the St. Edward’s Throne is just one of several seats that will be used in the ceremonysince it was detailed that, according to tradition, Kings Carlos and Camilla will sit on different Heritage Chairs, Thrones and Congregation Chairs.

“In the interest of the sustainability, their Majesties have chosen to use chairs and thrones from the Royal Collection made for previous coronations. They have been preserved, restored and adapted as required,” the Royal House explained in a statement.

The Heritage Chairs that will be used in the historical coronation of Carlos III are made of beech wood and bathed in goldwere manufactured in 1953 for the coronation ceremony of the mother of the sovereign, Elizabeth II, on June 2 of that yearand now they will be used in the act of coronation of Queen Camilla and in the beginning of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Thrones for Enthronement and Tribute were created for the coronation of George VI and Elizabeth, the monarch’s grandparents, on May 12, 1937. a hundred of Chairs of the Congregationcovered with blue velvet, also they will be used at Westminster Abbey next Saturday.

On the other hand, after the celebrations were over, these chairs will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to charitable foundations.

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