He tucu lopez He’s not dealing well with lovesickness. It’s been several weeks since Sabrina Rojas, determined, left him after almost a year of passionate and joyful romance, which they shared with their followers and the audience. “At 42 years old, I don’t bank a rumor,” he expressed to the press, exactly, when asked the reasons behind the decision.

This weekend, the announcer posted a heartfelt message, taking his loving present with some humor. “That’s how hard I’m thinking about you every day”read the video he posted, which showed a blooper of a man hitting his head on a roof and then falling down the stairs.

This news surprised everyone, since it was believed that they had finally established themselves as a couple. The stepfamily was always the specialty of the house and shared moments with the children of Sabrina with Luciano Castro and also with his girlfriend, Flor Vigna. Furthermore, both of them had expressed their desire to be parents soon, but the road had other plans ready for them.

The whole situation occurs weeks after a strange movement that Tucu had on social networkswhen he uploaded a photo of his ex Jimena Baron and his son momo playing in the pool. The last thing that was known about that link was that they separated in 2020. Although the posting lasted a few minutes on the network, the screenshots were quick to record this error. From there, rumors of a crisis invaded the portals, also appearing a third in discord.

“I am in love, he gave me the best and opened the doors of his family wide for me. I was very happy during all this time, I want to put things back togetherI’m trying,” Tucu declared in his latest statements to the press.

Meanwhile, Sabrina Rojas enjoys her vacation

Sabrina Rojas He put sadness aside and went to the beach in Puerto Rico. On her Instagram she shared some photos that were highly celebrated. “Puerto Rico suits me well,” she posted alongside photos of herself.

Although everyone agreed on its beauty, in the comments there were opinions of all kinds: come back with tucu lopez (“You put up with the other so much…”, they wrote to him), that he missed it and, as in every post about a woman being happy, others asked him who he had left the children with.

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