kim kardashianone of the influencers and celebrities Today’s most important, he uploaded a series of photos for his son’s fourth birthday, Psalm. The little one, who was born as the fruit of the love that the businesswoman had in the past with Kanye Westwas the great protagonist of a party that ended with him blowing out the candles on the cake.

Through their personal social networks, the influencers showed the mega party they organized for the little one. It included an impressive decoration and several guests. The theme of the celebration was firefighters and the boy dressed up as such. For her part, the model used a jacket identical to her son’s to be in tune with the little one.

For his part, on the account of TikTok of north west, the girl shared a trip they made in the fire truck that was part of the decoration. There you can see the daughter of the influencers and the singer sharing a fun moment with his first brothers and the rest of the invited children.

Psalm enjoyed a day with the fire brigade

After having seen the firefighters and sharing a day with them, Psalm West He told his family that when he grew up he would like to have that profession. For her part, her mother was very proud of her and commented that she is there to support him whenever she can because the most important thing for her is to fulfill the dreams of the little ones.

It is worth noting that the sisters kardashians/Jenner They shared many images on their social networks of the event. However, in none of them was Kanye Westthe father of the little one.

It is unknown if the artist said present on his little son’s birthday. Despite this, in recent weeks he has been very close to his ex-partner because they attended sporting events for minors.

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