On Saturday April 22, Valeria Mazza (51) and Alexander Gravier (60) celebrated the 15th birthday of their fourth daughter, the youngest of the clan, Taino Gravier (the others are Benicio, Balthazar and Titian) with a super party.

Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier, in pure emotion, in one of the most intimate postcards of the 15 of Taína, their youngest daughter

With more than 200 guests, the great celebration was at La Barranca, the Gravier home in Acassuso. For the occasion and in the property’s mega garden, which has a super pool, they set up a tent and a dance floor enlivened by a DJ.

The great night of Taína Gravier, with a super celebration at the Gravier-Mazza house, in Acasusso

The looks of Taína Gravier and Valeria Mazza

For her big night, Taína wore an exclusive design of Benito Fernandez, a close friend of the family –also known for dressing royals such as Maxima Zorreguieta–. In addition, in a cooler version, she wore a second dress: design of Cynthia Kern.

Taína with Benito Fernández, the designer of her first dress

Valeria chose a design of menage a troiswhile Balthazar, Tiziano and Benicio opted for GNZ looks Gonzalez Tailoring.

Valeria Mazza (for Menage à trois), Taína (for Benito Fernández) and Alejandro Gravier

The setting of the 15th birthday celebration of Taína Gravier

The big party was set with the slogan of recreating an enchanted forest. Thus, several living rooms were distributed that were decorated with lights, candles, and flower arrangements.

The slogan of the setting was to recreate an enchanted forest. In the photo, a general view of the living rooms of Taína Gravier’s super party at the Acasusso family home
Some of the photos for which Taína Gravier posed under the lens of Gabriel Machado were reproduced on the screens
Taína with her cousin Catalina Antuña and her boyfriend (Mariano Calvo), her maternal grandmother, Mónica Ferreira, her aunt Carolina Mazza and her uncle, Guillermo Antuña, all of whom came especially from Rosario.

The eve of the festivities and the great preview of Tania Gravier’s super 15

On Friday the 21st, on her pre-birthday, Taína shared an intimate dinner with family and friends. It was in Tribe Restó, in Paraná and the River.

On Friday the 21st, the Graviers as a family celebrated Taína.

The celebration started last Thursday, when the whole family attended the show of bizarre at the Palermo Hippodrome.

From Valeria Mazza to Alejandro Gravier: the photos of the guests at the Bizarrap show
On Thursday the 20th, on the eve of her birthday, Taína Gravier and her family attended the start of the Bizarrap Live Tour, at the Palermo Hippodrome.

This is how mother and daughter prepared for the big day

“The girls of the house are almost ready to celebrate Taína Gravier’s 15th birthday”Valeria shared on her Instagram stories. The image that accompanied the text was just a preview of what would be the great Gravier party.

Backstage, Valeria and Taína were combed by Diego Impagliazo and made up by poly martinezunconditional friends who have worked with Valeria for 30 years.

Backstage at Taína Gravier’s 15th birthday: with her mother, hairstyling by Diego Impagliazo and makeup by Poli Martínez. This is how they portrayed themselves before the super celebration.

Who is Taína Gravier, the IT girl and heir to Valeria Mazza

With a low profile but sure of her talent, the teenager who started singing inspired by Tini Stoessel –her great idol–, Taína conquered social networks during the pandemic. It was there that she was encouraged to generate and upload her own content to TikTok.

“He has much more flight than me! I did not imagine everything that was going to happen to me! She has grown up in another world, very different from mine. Having known parents has pros and cons. We tell everyone to take advantage of the pros, because they are going to have to put up with the cons. It is like that ”, her mother assures her since long ago.

Regarding the professional future of Taína, Valeria did not hesitate to define it like this: “She is very artistic, because she likes singing, dancing and acting.“. From the beginning, the young woman had the support of her parents who, sure of wanting to help her fulfill her dreams, say: “At the end of the road you have to have talent to get there.”

In September 2022, Taína debuted live at the warmichella festival. At the San Isidro Convention Center, the teen reversed, among other songs To live like this is to die of loveoriginal theme of Camilo Sesto and updated by Nathy Pelosor in 2021.

The post that Valeria Mazza dedicated to her daughter Taina for her 15 years

Hours before the big celebration, Valeria Mazza made her 869th post on Instagram to pay tribute to her not-so-little daughter. “

“15 years ago you came into our lives to fill it with light, music and joy. Happy birthday 🎂🎈 Tai,” wrote the former supermodel, who shared a series of family photos on a photo carousel.

He decided to open the post with the following photo of Taína, photographed by his great friend, gabriel machadoone of the favorite photographers of celebrities.

Taina Gravier, in one of the photos of her most recent production of photos by Gabriel Machado
Valeria Mazza opened the family album to honor the youngest of the family. In the photo, a newborn Taina, together with her parents and her brothers, Benicio, Tiziano and Balthazar.
Baby born: Taina, a few days after her birth, in 2008, along with her three older brothers (in the photo, matched by Adidas).
From a very young age, Taina surprised with her histrionics. It was in the pandemic when she was encouraged to share her songs and her TikTok account was opened
Taina made her runway debut at the age of 10, in a Giordano show.

Taína Gravier: the celebration of its 14 years

When Taína turned 14, her mother also took to her social networks to publicly greet her youngest daughter. Exactly one year ago, she posted: “Happy birthday Tai, may you always be very happy and that music that you carry in your heart never goes out”.

On that occasion, the model, Special Olympics activist and godmother of Pediatrics at Hospital Universitario Austral accompanied her heartfelt words with the following photos from her family album.

Always together. Taino, Valeria’s natural heir.
A very tender postcard from Taíno, a few months after being born and in her mother’s arms.
Valeria’s genes are present: Taíno and her chic style.

Photos: courtesy Omar Díaz and Horacio Perez/Bruno Arougueti HP-BA

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