Calú Rivero She is very happy in her new facet as mother of Taeither and he does not hesitate to share what his new life with him is like. A little over two months after the baby’s life, she and Aíto, her partner, are adapting super well.

The model also took the opportunity to share a profound reflection on the maternal knot of jane lazarre: “In those days, motherhood was still a myth. So, for the second time, I tried to live up to all the expectations and give the image of the ideal woman wrapped in a gold velvet robe.”

Calú Rivero and Tao

“Benjamin’s ancient fantasies, beautiful childhood memories James’s and my own, the satisfied face of my baby when he suckled and the thousands of portraits of ethereal mothers merged into the image of a sweet and powerful Amazon whose body he could inhabit with dignity”, concluded the model’s message.

The actress posed before the cameras giving her son her breast in the comfort of her home. She also showed the beautiful decoration of the baby’s room: the walls painted with clouds, ideal for relaxing.

Calú and Tao

Rivero also takes the time to rest in the face of the demand for such a small baby. They both looked super relaxed sleeping together. “Two months of the great transformation. ‘We are doing well, right’. It is the question that we constantly ask ourselves with Aito,” wrote the model about the upbringing of CAT.

Calu resting with her baby

In this very intimate moment, Calu decided to settle in his house in Uruguay. There she spends most of the time with her parents and her sister, Marou. They are the ones who accompany her in the day to day of this new life.

Marou and Calú Rivero

This is Corazonada, the house of Calu Rivero

Several years ago, after the harassment she received from Juan Darthés, the model decided to move away from the world of fame for women and chose to leave her residence in Buenos Aires and settled in José Ignacio, Uruguay. There she built an innovative house that turned it into her current refuge. “My oasis and my world”recently wrote about his new home.

Calu presented his house called “Corazonada” and detailed next to the first photo of his house: “Poetic and artistic”.

Calu Rivero’s house

A fan of nature, she designed her home with a renowned architecture firm called BAAG. The house is designed from “modules” and 90% of the materials used is wood from certified forest plantations

This home stands in the middle of a forest with pond. The decoration has vintage objects that make each space unique. The kitchen is integrated into the living room and maintains the modern line of the rest of the house.

Calu Rivero’s house

It also highlights the sectors with glass roof. In this way the environments have natural light at all times of the day. A spectacular space is the patio covered with glass. This module fits perfectly with the rest of the home and allows a shelter from nature.

Calu Rivero’s house

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