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The Hypebeast fashion community, and the groups that spawned from it, have come a long way. The cohort of fashion connoisseurs who once stood in hours-long lines, rain or shine, dripping in Supreme now have their eyes on a new target—and it’s staring right back at them. The JW Anderson frog shoes (yes, you read that correctly) are the hottest, hoppy-est shoes on the market this spring. Rumor has it, if you stare into the eyes of the frog shoe for too long, you may end up dropping over $500 to own them. Consider it an adoption fee.

The shoes are a collaboration with the brand Wellipets. Wellipets can be credited for originating the green frog rainboot. The brand makes every pair from start to finish in Italy.

JW Anderson’s take on the frog shoe debuted in the Menswear Fall/Winter ’23 collection in Milan back in January. Models wore the slides down the runway with everything from suits and trenchcoats to leather shirts. One model even carried a large plastic frog as a clutch—a continuation of JW Anderson’s cheeky animal-themed non-traditional handbag saga (you may recall the viral pigeon clutch from earlier this year).

STYLECASTER |  JW Anderson Frog Shoes

JW Anderson, Spotlight Launchmetrics.

The styling of the show suggests that the frog shoes know no bounds when it comes to what they can be worn with. It may be necessary to implement a “take your frog to work day” once shoppers start receiving their pairs.

When the JW Anderson account posted a photo of the coveted frog shoes after their fashion week debut, fans of the brand went wild.

One commenter wrote, “I need those f***ing frog shoes or I’m going 2 die.”

Another commenter simply deemed the frog shoes as the begging of “Frogcore”.

Musician Sam Smith already showed their support for the collection by commenting, “Obsessed” on a recent post of the frog shoes on the JW Anderson account.

Whether you love them or hate them, the JW Anderson frog shoes will certainly help you make a statement. By slipping the frog shoes on your feet, you immediately become the coolest adult at a child’s birthday party, the quirkiest coworker in the office or the most stylish person to ever walk to the mailbox.

But seriously, wearing the frog shoes with a chic linen poolside look, a pair of baggy jeans or even a long floral dress will be a total look this summer. They will also signal to other members of the fashion community that you are part of an exclusive JW Anderson fan club.

STYLECASTER |  JW Anderson Frog Shoes

Courtesy of JW Anderson x Wellipets.

JW Anderson X Wellipets Frog Loafers

The frog shoes come in three shades, blue, yellow or green. The green is still available to order online and the blue and yellow are both available for pre-order, expected to ship in May.

If you cringe at the thought of spending upwards of $500 on a pair of rubber shoes, there is still hope for you to join the Frogcore trend. wellipets makes his own collection of frog boots that retail for under $200 (and for only $75 if you can fit into a kid’s shoe size). But don’t tell the JW Anderson frog shoes that I told you that.

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