eric cantona He is a former French soccer player who is currently 57 years old. During his sports career, Cantoná was in several French clubs and Manchester United of England, where he scored 82 goals, played 185 games and won nine titles between 1992 and 1998, the year in which he made his retirement official.

The most recognized event of the also actor during his stay at the Manchester United happened on January 25, 1995when in a meeting with the crystal palace london England, the Frenchman, in response to an attack of xenophobia, kicked a fan.

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This game was a very controversial sporting event, because Cantoná they were hitting him more than normal, so he did not hesitate to complain to the match judges stating: “No yellow cards?”

Minutes later, the referee, alan wilkietaught him that if there were yellow cards, admonishing the player with one of them. Minutes later, the Frenchman was expelled from the football field for assaulting Richard Shawin the first part of the second half.

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Eric Cantona, throughout his career, played 264 games and scored 111 goals.



Once off the field and while he was walking towards the dressing room, he heard some words that made him react, a fan told him: “Go to France, French *******”. The fan was identified as Matthew Simmons. He had gone down several steps and was on the playing field, so Cantoná did not hesitate twice and kicked him that became in one of the most memorable events in European football.

The media headlined the event as ‘the flying kick of Cantoná’, who on several occasions has referred to the issue stating that: “kicking a fascist is not savored every day; I regret not hitting him harder.”

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If I had met that guy another day, things might have turned out very differently, even if he had said the exact same thing. Life is that strange”, referring to the fact that if the circumstances had been different, perhaps he would not have reacted like this.

Eric Cantona, controversial story of a French football legend


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