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City government is tired of an inconsiderate problem happening in downtown Kyoto.

Kyoto is a beautiful city, filled with temples, gardens, and quaint backstreets that fill visitors with an irresistible urge to whip out their camera and snap a picture. So should you see a sign on the sidewalk that has a clear window in it, you might at first assume that it’s there to recommend the perfect angle from which to view a site of historical significance or elegant beauty.

However, this sign isn’t there to encourage you to stop and take a moment to appreciate lovely aesthetics. No, it’s there as part of the other major characteristic component of Kyoto culture: a subtle but sharp reminder about good manners.

As shown in the tweet from Japanese Twitter user @Okuda_D_Orugu, the sign’s window looks out onto the asphalt of downtown Kyoto street Shijo-dori, and the text next to it reads:

“The taxi you can see through this window is parked illegally.”

Parking and stopping are prohibited in this section of the street, near the Shijo Kawaramachi intersection. However, since this is the busiest part of the city center, with its densest cluster of shops, restaurants, and bars, some cab drivers ignore the rules and stop here anyway, driving off once a customer gets in and before they’re ticketed for the infraction, but not before contributing to congestion that causes problems such as impeding bus traffic.

So the Kyoto city government put up the sign to spread awareness that what those taxis are doing is illegal, and also perfectly framing any cab that’s breaking the law. In addition, the sign also informs anyone reading that there’s a rule-biding taxi stand just a one-minute walk away, in the direction the black arrow is pointing.

So what’s on the other side of the sign? A message for the offending taxi drivers.

▼ “Mr. Driver, everyone is looking at your illegally parked taxi.”

Just like the sign itself, there’re multiple facets to its effectiveness. It helps spread awareness of the problem to people who weren’t aware that parking isn’t allowed. It also makes those who did already know but were still willing to hop into a rule-breaking cab self-conscious about their complicity, and so less likely to do so. Similarly, taxi drivers who weren’t bothered breaking the rules before might feel a little less bold when they’ve got a sign pointing out their wrongdoing to everyone else on the street.

The sign was originally installed back in February. It’s been getting renewed attention thanks to @Okuda_D_Orugu’s tweet, though, with commenters saying:

“I wish they’d make a whole bunch of these in Tokyo.”
“Kyoto really needs this.”
“Whoever thought of this is seriously smart.”
“Just what I’d expect from Kyoto.”
“Delivering the message in that roundabout Kyoto style.”
“’Oh, look at that illegally parked taxi (whisper whisper).”

According to the Kyoto city government, the sign has been working, so we may see them start popping up in other parts of the city that have been struggling with illegally stopped taxis. For now, though, like the sidewalk bamboo shoot that got a respectful goodbye, it’s a reminder that Kyoto does things a little differently.

Source: Twitter/@Okuda_D_Orugu via Jin, City of Kyoto
Top image: Twitter/@Okuda_D_Orugu
Insert images: City of Kyoto
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The Kyoto way: Sidewalk sign with a window is actually a manners warning

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