Last night the gala of the Martin Fierro Awards at the Hilton Hotel. With the most important guests on television, Santiago del Moro became the official host and ended up raising the Gold with Big Brother.

In a night highly anticipated by the entire industry, the evening had it all: good wardrobe choices, failures, successes, tributes and conflicts that will be disarmed in this week’s entertainment programs.

The awkward arrival of Jey Mammón

The situation was tense even before the gala: during the previous days, jey mammon He had expressed his desire to attend. All colleagues weighed in, both for and against, but the real revelation came yesterday, when he arrived a little later and sat down at the table of Morfi’s Rockwithout being welcomed by anyone.

As revealed in show partners this morning, the driver had agreed with the channel to arrive later. A photo of him also circulated, sitting alone, in the middle of the ceremony. His ex-teammates marked the difference with elegance and distance, while he clings to continue doing what his desire asks of him.

The face of Jésica Cirio vs the face of Jey Mammón: the same coin.

Susana and Mirtha, together and with complicity

Success is not free, when you have it for something it is”said Mirtha Legrand As soon as she took the stage, ready to pay homage to her colleague, Susana Gimenez.

“Having the category that this person has that we are going to reward now for his work is an honor for me. How cute! It is very difficult, It’s so hard to be a diva, to be one star. And she is. A diva and whom he rewarded with all my love and affection, is Mrs. Suzanne gimenez”, he said just before going to the tape that brought together all the works of the diva of telephones.

“Susana gave this award to me a few years ago. I had a pacemaker a few months ago and here I am fantastic and I have a lot of life ahead of me, I started when I was 16 and I’m 96″, he assured proudly, just before the His to stage.

Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand, both Telefé figures, together on the Martín Fierro stage. (Photo: Telefe)

Susana warmly thanked him: “The prize for me is that you came up today, that you said such nice, affectionate things to me. I remember that she gave me a ball when I was just starting out. I used to go home to play burako. And I couldn’t believe that Mirtha literally invited me to the house. And later in the summer we used to go to the beach with Chiqui. Incredible”.

We are part of television history. we are familyto. I always say that we are family because we love each other, we respect each other. We have never competed in anything because you cannot compete with this woman, the queen, the legend, as she herself says that I love. It’s true because people love you, they respect you, ”she asked him bluntly.

Mirtha, Marcela, Juana and Ámbar together

Mirtha Legrand She arrived very well accompanied on the red carpet, with the women of her family. Four generations in a family postcard desired by the entire television industry: La Chiqui, Juana Viale, Marcela Tinayre and Ámbar De Benedictis They posed for the cameras together showing off their elegant outfits, and telling how they prepared for the great APTRA gala.

“I’ve been getting ready since two in the afternoon”, The lunch diva confessed between laughs. Marcela Tinayre and Juana Viale They combined their red dresses.

In the midst of the talk of looks, a rather particular situation occurred when Mirtha told her great-granddaughter that she was “very low-cut”since Ámbar chose a modern outfit that consisted of a very short top and a long skirt, with a slit at the hip.

Ámbar, Mirtha, Marcela and Juana with Sofi Martínez and Iván de Pineda on the red carpet.

The emotional speech of Benjamín Vicuña with a failed individual

Benjamin Vicuna won Best Actor for his role in The First of Us (Telefe), one of the last national fictions that aired on the open screen. In fact, many of the speeches of the television workers were aimed at re-betting on the industry and abandoning soap operas in foreign cans.

benjamin vicuna
Benjamín Vicuña raising his Martín Fierro. (Photo: Telefe)

But, in the case of Benjamin, his speech was emotionally moving. First of all, he thanked APTRA and the public. And then, as the camera struck out his son, pampita and to Luciano Castro, I delve into his emotions. “Thank you very much to this beautiful country, Regarding this very important date (July 9), who received me, He gave me a place, he gave me my wonderful children, he gave me a love…”.

As soon as he realized his failure, he sealed it with silence and a timely face. Pampita looked at everything with her indestructible smile, while her husband was by her side.

Natalia Oreiro gave her voice to an emotional moment of the night

On the long-awaited awards night Martin Iron 2023actress and singer Natalia Oreiro gave voice to the emotional and classic tribute to the deceased of the medium.

Natalia Oreiro brought solemnity and emotion to the most delicate moment of the night. (Photo: Telefe)

The Uruguayan covered “Not My Goodbye” of Gilda to accompany the APTRA obituary and moved everyone present, generating an emotional climate in the Pacific Room of the Hilton that transcended the screen.

The best looks to Hollywoodians

In a night full of flashes, glamor and lots of emotions, the first meeting between celebrities and the cameras took place at 7:00 p.m., when Ivan de PinedaSofia Martinez, Agustina Casanova and Robertito Funes UgarteThey received everyone prior to the great ceremony.

A lot of shine, transparencies, dresses with a train, openings, corsets and colors that are trending, paraded down the red carpet. The Hilton lobby became an epicenter of fashion and at PEOPLE we show you exclusively the most outstanding looks of the Martín Fierro 2023.

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