Lucrecia Martel (56), film director, and juliet laso (41), singer, they began their relationship in 2016. Since then they have maintained a super-solid bond that feeds back with their unstoppable artistic instincts.

My partner is the person who inspires me the most in the universe. It challenges me in life, every morning, and my work is totally challenged. She is a person who demands more of me, who makes me wonder things millions of times and that becomes a daily learning. For me living with her is a privilege“Julieta tenderly told Rolling Stone prior to the release of black headhis album published in June 2022.

Laso shares images from time to time with his partner from his social networks. In these posts they show themselves to be super in love and share part of their love with their fans. “My love, my pride, my life: Lucrecia Martel,” wrote the singer in her last post.

Lucrecia Martel and Julieta Laso: their new life in Salta

In the year 2020, the artists faced, like everyone else, the uncertainty generated by the Covid-19. Given that, they decided to leave their home located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo and settled in the north of the country. For the filmmaker, this meant returning to Salta, her native province. Instead, for the singer it was a transformative experience that marked her creative process.

Juliet he took one of the last planes that left before the sanitary restrictions tightened. He quickly reunited with his girlfriend and since then his official “headquarters” have been located in La Calderilla. As the singer revealed, their new home, built by themselves, has a view of a hill and is very connected with nature.

Lucrecia Martel and Julieta Laso inspire each other. That record was sealed in their joint artistic projects.

About his refuge in the north of the country, laso commented in L’Officiel: “During the pandemic in the city, a desire to leave intensified: Lucrecia wanted to return to Salta, I immediately fell in love with it and I really like it. I found a community that I feel very close to, with which many encounters are generated.”

Living in Salta is something else. I was born in Buenos Aires and I was always aware of the bubble in which one lives in this city and now when I return I perceive it very clearly. This is leading me to participate in provincial festivals as a reflection of how tired Buenos Aires has me. My move is turning out to be a transformative experience”Julieta confessed in a dialogue with Clarín in June 2022 about her new phase of life.

Regarding the decision to move, Lucrecia Martel He explained in an interview he gave to Tiempo Argentino in mid-2022: “Julieta and I came to live in Salta to embark on greater adventures”.

“Blessed the day you came into this world,” Julieta Laso wrote to Lucrecia Martel.

Their works together

North Terminalshort film: “A social gathering filmed with the eyes of Lucrecia”

The northern province and the experiences they have lived since their move were triggers to create the short film North Terminal. There, Martel recorded talks and experiences in which, with Juliet as the protagonist, he portrays the meetings with Mariana Carrizo and Lorena Carpanchay, the first trans copler from the Calchaquíes valleys.

Regarding this work, Laso recently commented to Malas Palabras: “It’s made during the pandemicAt the end, with a very small team. We recorded it in four days and a lot of artists from Salta and some from Buenos Aires participated. It’s like a social gathering filmed with Lucrecia’s eyes.”

North Terminal It has been a musical revelation for myself”, Lucrecia Martel.

ghoststhe video clip directed by Lucrecia Martel

in the year 2018 juliet laso He released his first solo album, Martingale. At that time, the singer who moves between tango, folklore and rock published the song ghostswhose promotional video clip was directed by Lucrecia Martel.

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