Juliet Poggio (21) and her boyfriend Lucca Bardelli (23) This weekend they celebrated their two-year relationship, and despite the rumors that have emerged recently about their separation, the couple was happier and more in love than ever.

The ex’s boyfriend Big Brother He shared on his personal Instagram account a photo of them holding hands, very smiling and outdoors. “Two years with the love of my life. I love you with all my being Juliet Poggio”, he wrote at the bottom of the post. To which the young man replied: “I do more”.

In an interview with the “A la Barbarossa” program on Telefe, when Julieta was going through the first weeks of isolation, Lucca was encouraged to remember how her romantic love story had begun. “She is a very good person. She is very innocent, but not from the silly side, but from the good side. We had known each other for two years before we got together. We had given each other a first kiss one day when we went out dancing”the boy began saying that time.

Juliet Poggio with her boyfriend, Lucca Bardelli. Photo: Instagram.

And he added: “After that kiss, we went on with our lives. We didn’t follow each other or anything on Instagram at first, but After a while we met again.”

Then, Lucca detailed how the crush that would unite them forever occurred: “Her best friend is my best friend’s girlfriend. They made us the shrimp. The first two times the four of us went out and one day I told him I wanted us to go out alone. We went to eat and then we started to get to know each other.”

A relationship that survived Big Brother

From that moment Lucca and Julieta became inseparable and in a short time they shared vacations, birthdays and family parties. The arrival of the opportunity to enter Big Brother was something that Juliet dreamed of for a long time and that is why it was very difficult for both of them to have to separate for so many months, but knowing deep down that it would be the best for her.

Julieta Poggio’s reunion with her boyfriend. Photo: social networks.

However, time flew by and now they don’t waste a single second apart, trying to encourage themselves in their personal projects. Something in common that they have as a couple is that they are both models and enjoy eating healthy meals to take care of their figures.

“Marcos (Ginocchio) deserved to win Big Brother,” said Julieta Poggio

Regarding the end of the Telefe reality show, the three finalists were interviewed by PEOPLE and both Julieta Poggio and Nacho Castañares agreed that Marcos Ginocchio deserved to win.

What’s more, Julieta assured that, days before the grand finale, she saw the result coming. “Primo is the best in the world! I knew he was going to win. In recent weeks many people have passed by the house and cheered us on with their shouts. Most of the messages were for Primo and they all said very nice things to him” , explained the model and actress. “Cousin is the best in the world….. How could he not win?” Julieta concluded with complete honesty.

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