Mercedes Benz plans to launch an SUV with an all-terrain design on the market, which is considered the younger brother of the popular G-class. According to handelsblattthe German business newspaper, is scheduled to arrive in the year 2026.

At the moment, Mercedes-Benz has not ruled on the project, but it is believed that it will use the new mma platformwhich will be presented in 2024.

This platform is primarily designed to host electric vehicles, although not exclusively. Therefore, the mini G-Class is expected to arrive with an electric version, as well as electrified combustion engines.

The use of the MMA platform allows to deduce some additional details. First of all, the electric version is expected to have 800 volt architecturewhich guarantees a fast recharge of the battery.

In second place, the mini G-Class would have at least 4.5 meters in lengthwhich makes it one of the models considered as Entry Luxury by Mercedes-Benz.

However, it is not clear if the mini G-Class will have the same off-road capability as its sister model. Apparently the manufacturer Are you considering a lower height SUV?easier to handle on the road and therefore less capable off-road.

If the project comes to fruition, the new model could become a competitor to the ford bronco or the Land Rover Defender.

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