The launch of the high winter season 2023 took place in the Kirchner Cultural Center. In addition to Matthias Lammensthe Minister of Tourism and Sports, participated in the summit Sergio Massa, Diego Giuliano, Pablo Ceriani and Daniel Scioli. According to the data stipulated by the Ministry, It is expected that 5.5 million national tourists travel during the winter season and that 1.5 million foreign tourists arrive in the country.

“Between January 1 and June 21, 2023, 3.4 million tourists from abroad arrived in the country, with a projected economic impact of 2.522 billion dollars. Since the month of April, the figures exceed the pre-pandemic”, they maintained from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

In the act organized at the Kirchner Cultural Center, Lammens announced new air routes and the actions to be carried out during the season with the aim of continuing to promote incoming tourism. Sergio Massa ranked tourism as one of the vital sectors for the economic development of Argentina and extended an invitation to work together in pursuit of policies that encourage activity in both domestic and foreign tourists.

Matías Lammens and Sergio Massa in the CCK.

“I want to invite all the players in the sector to work together, thinking about two things: first, that we set ourselves the objective of breaking our historical record this winter season so that more tourists from the world come to Argentina and so that all Argentines can tour our country. But above all things, so that we have the capacity to project this sector for the medium and long term”, explained the Minister of Economy.

According to Matías Lammens, between April and May a historical record of receptive tourism was recorded and he stressed that it would have been impossible without the work carried out by Aerolíneas Argentinas.

“We had to bet again with PreViaje. That’s why we did two more editions, totally successful, and we managed to ensure that there is no low season in Argentina.”

Matias Lammens.

Besides, Diego GiulianoSecretary of Transportation Management of the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, indicated: “Trenes Argentinos did an immense task (…) We are proud that transportation is at the service of the economy, but fundamentally that it is at the service of the welfare of our town”. For the winter season, Trenes Argentinos sold more than 50,000 tickets in one week.

More than 1.5 million foreign tourists will come to the country for the winter holidays.

What will be the offer of Aerolíneas Argentinas in domestic flights for winter 2023

Paul CerianiPresident of Argentinian airlinespointed out about the figures that are expected in the entity for the winter holidays and analyzed the receptive tourism that unites Brazil with Argentina: “We have a flight offer for this season that definitely exceeds the pre-pandemic numbers. In addition, we present an unprecedented offer of flights from Brazil to attract incoming tourism. This is the product of coordinated work between the public and private sectors.”

During the event, Aerolíneas Argentinas presented the strategy for a historic winter season: they will deploy an offer of domestic flights that exceeds the pre-pandemic figures by 17%. An unprecedented offer will also be made available for the Brazilian market, with direct connections from São Paulo to Salta, Mendoza, Córdoba-El Calafate, Chapelco, Bariloche and Ushuaia.

“We don’t expect tourists to come, we got to work. One of the great turbines in Argentina is tourism and we have shown that we have what it takes: we were able to resume the emblematic flight between Aeroparque and Brasilia.”

Daniel Scioli.

Simultaneously, the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) carried out Buy Argentina, a space for marketing and business rounds that included the Snow product and the national offer in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. In the United States, the snow offer was offered to more than 180 operators. The product was also included in the training for outbound Tour Operators in Ecuador.

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