After several months of preparations, this Saturday, May 6, the United Kingdom celebrates the coronation of their new kings, Carlos III and Camilla Parker Bowles. The historic ceremony is broadcast by the main news channels and also from the official channel of the British crown on YouTube.

The world is experiencing one of the most impressive and traditional coronations that exist, with some novelties, since it comes after the death of Elizabeth II, who was the longest-lived monarch in history: Lilibeth turned 70 at the helm of the British crown.

Around 8:15 a.m. Argentine time, with a renewal that included everything from sustainable crowns to a kiss between the prince and the king -something never seen before-, the monarch swore loyalty to his people before God. in a solemn ceremony in the heart of the British capital.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, placed on the head of Carlos III the historic crown of San Eduardo, dating from the seventeenth century. Automatically, those present shouted in the congregation “God save the king”, then the trumpets began to sound.

Once seated in the St Edward’s Oak Chair, the oldest piece of furniture in the United Kingdom, Carlos III was crowned by receiving the different royal insigniasuch as the Royal Scepter, Sovereign Orb and Dove Scepter, which symbolize your responsibilities as the British Head of State until the day you die.

King Carlos III received the crown and royal scepter

For her part, Camilla was crowned minutes after Carlos III, as UK queen. She was first anointed with oil on her head by the Archbishop, Primate of the Anglican Church, who previously placed on her head the crown of Queen Mary. From now on, the monarch’s wife is no longer called queen consort to be named only as queen.

Camila Parker Bowles receives the royal crown and scepter

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