Netflix prepares to release news in the month of May focused on the world of movies and series. Despite the fact that every month there is content that is lost due to cancellations and contract terminations, there are others that arrive as premieres and that they will be a trend.

With the arrival of May There are series like “The Tailor” that are possibly among the highlights of the platforms of streaming. In addition, there are films like “The Mother”, starring Jennifer López that will cause people to talk on social networks.

However, the platform streaming de la N roja is not at its best. This can be easily perceived with the low number of subscribers it has and because it is at the center of controversy every day for whatever reason. For example, the end of shared accounts. Finally, these are the premieres most important of May.

Series coming to Netflix in May

  • May 2: The House of Love (Premiere) | The Tailor (Premiere).
  • May 3: Jewish Matchmaking (Premiere).
  • May 4: The Sumo Apprentice (Premiere) | Queen Charlotte: A Story of the Bridgertons (Premiere).
  • May 9: Hannah Gadsby: Somethings Special (Monologue).
  • May 10: Queen Cleopatra (Premiere) | Dance Brothers (Premiere).

  • May 11: Ultraman (T3).
  • May 12: The Black Knight (Premiere) | Queer Eye (S7)
  • May 17: Rhythm + Flow: France (Premiere).
  • May 18: Kisses, Kitty (Premiere).
  • May 19: Sunset: The Golden Mile (S6) | Silence (Premiere).

  • May 23: Wanda Sykes: I’m an entertainer (Monologue).
  • May 24: The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Premiere).
  • May 25: Fubar (Premiere).
  • Coming Soon: Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune (Premiere)

Movies Coming to Netflix in May

May is not going to arrive with great fiction films and documentaries in Netflix. However, there are some that may be worth it and at least one viewing. These are the premieres of the platform streaming:

  • May 4: Peter Rabbit 2.
  • May 11: Royalteen: Princess Margrethe.
  • May 12: The mother.

  • May 13: Pietà.
  • May 16: Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me.
  • May 17: Always faithful.
  • May 23: Victim / Suspect.
  • May 26: Blood and hate.

You can clearly perceive what we highlighted in the preceding paragraphs. The premieres of Netflix in the movies they are not as important as in April, when the Power Rangers returned, to cite an example. However, May it is a month of outstanding series.

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