Party +PEOPLE was held last Wednesday to celebrate the month and Pride Day. This celebration, which came to become a milestone for this medium, had more than 200 exclusive guests. Among them stood out dyhzy, Juliet Poggio, José María Muscari, Angel de Brito and Lizardo Ponceamong others.

The aftermovie with the best images of the party +PEOPLE

The venue for this first first big party was Artlab. Located in the heart of the Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the innovative space witnessed performance shows, music (Galán) and DJ sets (Quimey Toro and Lepablot), which the guests enjoyed all night.

DJ Quimey Toro was in charge of setting the rhythm at the party.

How was the party +PEOPLE

The referents of the collective LGBTQI+ who attended the big night paraded through the rainbow carpet and, under the dress code “More is more“, they dazzled everyone present with their incredible super colorful outfits.

Payuca, Diana Zurco, Franco Torchia, La Barby and Miuka took advantage of the occasion to meet up with colleagues and friends from the environment.

This meeting, which was supported by absolute and skip, served to reflect on key points of this group. So much so that Dyhzy, Ángel de Brito and Gabo Usandivaras spoke about “coming out of the closet” and offered their advice to those who are in that situation.

Celebrities enjoyed a performance show styled by Gustavo Pucheta, which stole everyone’s attention.

Another of the epic moments of the unforgettable party was given by the hand of Lizardo Ponce. The influencer was encouraged to officiate the wedding between Online Mami and her partner, Maki Gimenez. “We are going to seal this love,” he joked before the cameras of PEOPLE.

The most extravagant outfits of the party +PEOPLE


dyhzy she wore an incredible silver headdress that recreated a set of precious stones. The look was totally handmade. “I hit the whole thing stone by stone,” she declared of her outfit.

Dyhzy on the Rainbow Carpet of +GENTE
Dyhzy on the Rainbow Carpet of +GENTE.

Juliet Poggio

The Big Brother star in an exuberant white dress with a corset, tulle and feathers. The great detail was a series of embroidered stones recreating the multicolored flag. “The Atelier Pucheta dressed me. I am a princess pride, ”she declared super excited.

Juli Poggio on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE
Juli Poggio on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE.

Luchi Hours

Luchi Hours took all eyes. She joined the great handmade trend: “I made the emerald green dress. The headdress is a 3D print made by me.”

Luchi Horas on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE
Luchi Horas on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE.

Fabri Watson

the drag queen Fabri Watson He also made his outfit in its entirety. Her headdress with turquoise, yellow, pink and violet colors stood out for the neatness and detail of the stones attached hours before the event. “They told me it was a pride party and I sent color. Neon and glitter. I was inspired by myself,” she confessed.

Fabri Watson on the rainbow carpet of +PEOPLE
Fabri Watson on the rainbow carpet of +GENTE.

Lady Nothing

Lady Nothing He wore one of the great outfits of the night. She added color, but with more relaxed tones. “I looked for a return to pride, but cake. Sweeter and softer, ”she recounted about her outfit.

Lady Nada on the rainbow carpet of +PEOPLE.

Dress as you want, dress for you. Skip take care of the power of your clothes

In line with a philosophy that invites to tear down the myths built around social constructions, gender and clothing, Skip accompanies the second season of +People matching with the narrative “dress as you want, dress for you.”, of which flag the brand.

Transparent, never invisible

The production of the capsules for the second season of +GENTE were carried out with the support of Absolut, a brand that has been working on diversity for more than 40 years with the intention of building a world free of labels.

Smartwater It was the official water of the +GENTE party and with its “Hydration that goes beyond” campaign, it accompanied the guests with their 591 ml bottles of water so that they are hydrated throughout the night.

Photos: Diego García, Fabián Uset and Chris Beliera

Video editing: Martina Cretella

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