This Wednesday, May 3, Bastián Demichelis turned 14 years old. The eldest son of Evangelina Anderson and Martín Demichelis reached adolescence, and her mother -very excited- took her social networks to review her childhood and share unpublished material from when she was a baby.

Today is his birthday”, wrote the model, and shared a first photo of Bastián hours after his arrival in the world. In addition, she shared an unpublished video on the day of his birth, where the soccer player is seen holding the little one in his arms, inside a clinic room in munichGerman city where Demichelis played at the time.

Martin Bastian It was the name they chose for their first child, who came into the world through a normal birth, which was filmed and photographed by a team of professionals. At that time (2009), Demichelis excelled as a player at Bayern Munich.

The unpublished photos of Bastián Demichelis

Evangelina Anderson shared a photographic production with her son Bastián
The model showed unpublished photos of the child’s childhood, who turned 14 on May 3
Bastián is the first child of Evangelina Anderson and Martín Demichelis
Bastián Demichelis turned 14 and his mother shared unpublished photos to celebrate his new year of life

Evangelina Anderson revealed the talent that her son Bastián Demichelis inherited from his father

Evangelina Anderson usually shares the growth of her children through social networks. Recently, the oldest of the three became interested in sports and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He currently plays in the lower ranks of River and shares training with valentineson of Wanda Nara and maxi lopez.

But some time ago, Evangelina showed Bastián’s ability to play “little games” with the ball. Clearly the eldest son of the couple he inherited his father’s genes, today River’s DT, a club in which he played for three seasons, where he participated in 52 games per local tournament and 70 games in total. Right there, Basti – as his mother tells him – attends the soccer school. Like father Like Son!

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