Carla Peterson and Martin Lousteau They are one of the most solid couples in both the political and media spheres. In the last few hours, the official, leader of radical evolutionled a massive event at the Malvinas Argentinas micro-stadium to launch his campaign and was accompanied by the actress and her little son Gaspar. There, on stage, they starred in the most romantic postcard.

“We always accompany you because we love you, we admire you and you are the best to do the things that are really needed in our beloved great city of Buenos Aires. To you and to all the great team that accompanies you, strength heart and head! We surprised you huh Gaspar wanted to go say hello to his dad first,” the actress wrote next to the tender image.

Carla Peterson’s message of support for Martín Lousteau during his campaign event. Photo: Instagram.

Martin Lousteau’s unexpected revelation about Carla Peterson

Some time ago, Martin Lousteau talked with Veronica Lozano in Cut by Lozano and I make an unexpected personal confession about one of the funniest tricks he has Carla Peterson in privacy.

The politician and economist sent a video to the aforementioned television show that is broadcast in telefe because his wife Peterson, was as a guest. In the audiovisual clip, she revealed an incidence on Carla:”Vero, you know Carla acting, everyone knows what she is like… She is super concentrated, focused on what she does, on stage she knows where absolutely everything is and is in control of everything. But at home she is not the same and nothing is clearer than on her phone“.

Then, Lousteau He continued with his funny story to the surprise of the members of the program. While Peterson I saw him smiling from the studio, added: “There are a lot of people who cannot be separated from their mobile phone for even a minute, Carla the minute he separated from the mobile phone he no longer knows where he was“.

Besides, Martin counted: “What happens in our house is that two or three times a day, the alarm of the application where is my phone starts to sound and it can happen at any time. We can be about to eat, but she can’t find the phone, we can be sleeping and if she can’t find the phone, the phone starts ringing“.

At the end of the video, Carla she reacted very funny and ironically to her husband’s words: “I send him a kiss and then we’re going to chat at home… Because he didn’t put the system on and sometimes he loses it. I found it in the panties drawer, because in the morning when I get dressed to go to school, I leave it there… I’ve even put fluorescent covers on it“, he expressed.

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