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The destruction the Iranian-made Shahad 136 has wreaked on Ukraine may change the attitude of the West, which has so far refrained from providing attack drones. Above all, Russia fears the US “MQ9 Reaper”, which is said to have been used to assassinate a dictator in the past> On October 17, there were multiple explosions in Kyiv (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine. More than 24 Russian military suicide kamikaze drones attacked. The drone used was the Iranian Shahad 136. It is a triangular drone with a wingspan of about 2.4 meters, first introduced in the war in Ukraine. It was first detected in Ukraine in mid-September (until then, it was mainly used by Iran-backed militant groups in Yemen). The Shahad 136 is extremely difficult to detect by radar, circling through the air, recognizing a target, and ramming it in like a missile. Russia’s introduction of the Shahad-136 to its military invasion of Ukraine appears to be due to the lack of other weapons such as missiles. But as Wednesday’s attack proved, the Shahad-136 is an extremely deadly weapon, adding a new dimension to air warfare in Ukraine. Russia has previously used smaller versions of suicide drones against smaller Ukrainian targets, and Ukraine is suspected of using drones against Russian tanks and military supplies. Hard to detect by radar, but the Shahad 136 is a little different from those drones. The attack drone “ZALA KYB” deployed by the Russian military in the past had a maximum continuous flight time of 30 minutes and a range of about 40 kilometers. The Shahad-136, on the other hand, has a range of more than 1,930 kilometers, far exceeding the current “Switchblade” used by the Ukrainian military. The Switchblade is a cheap, US-made, self-destructing drone that can be carried in a backpack and has a range of up to 50 miles. Shahad 136 has both advantages and disadvantages. The Shahad 136 has a significantly lower payload capacity than reusable drones deployed by Ukraine and others (mainly the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone), but has the highest attack power of any drone. It is significantly cheaper to manufacture than the MQ9 Reaper, a U.S.-made drone that is said to have the Its small size makes it difficult to detect by radar, giving Russia an advantage in countering the destructive power of weapons like the TB2. Sarah Crepps, a drone expert at Cornell University and an adjunct senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told Newsweek: “(Shahad 136) is disposable and will eventually self-destruct, so it’s likely to be shot down en route. You don’t have to worry too much,” he said. “That’s where vulnerability comes in. The bigger the drone, the easier it is to be picked up by radar and the easier it is to attack, but the smaller the drone, the harder it is to track and shoot down.” It’s not too big or too small,” he said, so it’s possible to shoot it down with anti-aircraft weapons such as surface-to-air missiles. He said the Russian military has achieved some success by using multiple drones to conduct attacks in groups. Kreps also said the Shahad 136 appears to be inferior to other Iranian-made aircraft such as the Shahad 191 on which it is based. According to Kreps, the Shahad 191 appears to be an imitation of the US-made RQ170 Sentinel drone. “Shahad 136’s capabilities fall far short of those drones, but they are enough to wreak havoc and unnerve opponents,” she told Newsweek. The arrival of Shahad 136 marked a geopolitical shift in the Ukrainian War. Ukrainian and US officials have accused Iran of providing direct support to Russian forces. Iran consistently denies this. The US has tried to avoid escalating the conflict in the wake of Putin’s “nuclear threats,” but the use of the Shahad-136 could change its drone strategy, he said. Drones escalate war “Neither Ukraine nor Russia produce their own drones, relying on supplies from Turkey, the United States and Iran,” says Kreps. “Countries like the United States have so far restricted the supply of attack drones, but rumors that Ukraine may next receive Reapers prompted Russia to say that exporting drones would escalate the situation. ‘Cause they warn you to let them go,'” Kreps added. “Why TB2 doesn’t escalate the war, but the Reaper does. It’s not clear why. I think this is influenced by the perception of the leaders of each country about the Reaper.” ===== .

The MQ9 Reaper, the most powerful US strike drone feared by Putin in retaliation for drone attack

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