The countdown to the wedding of Nicole Neuman and Manu Urcera. The great celebration will be on December 8 in a church in BarilocheRío Negro, with a mega party in an exclusive room located in San martin de los andes, Neuquen. In the last few hours, the invitation to the wedding was leaked and there was a detail that drew great attention.

In Intruders (America TV), Maite Penoñori revealed that the invitations have already been distributed among the guests and there was something that did not go unnoticed. “The tickets for the wedding of the year have already been sent. Some guests already received them. They are virtual. They are not on paper. They did them with animation. You see a plane landing,” he began by saying.

Nicole Neumann’s stunning wedding in Patagonia, with 400 guests and a secret location

Immediately, the panelist added: “The most striking thing is that it says that it is in the South, in San Martín de los Andes, but they do not clarify the location. It’s top secret. They will confirm it to the guests closer to the date.”

Clearly, Neumann and Urcera’s decision is to keep the location where they will celebrate their announced wedding under reserve. The confidential detail ensures that the media is not vigilant to stand guard, at the same time that in this way they guarantee to keep possible curious people away.

Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera began the countdown to their wedding.

The detail that the invitation has an animation of a plane arriving at its destination denotes the great logistical deployment they will have to transport the more than 400 guests.

Nicole Neumann gave details of her wedding and anticipated how her bridesmaids will look

The celebration that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera, will take place in the South of the country –where the car driver is from– and will feature more than 400 guests.

Neumann’s almost two million followers witnessed her first wedding dress fitting. It is that, in an unforgettable day, the model showed herself in the company of who will be your bridesmaids in the studio of Laurencio Adotone of the most prominent designers in Argentina who, in turn, is a very close friend of the model. He will be in charge of designing the outfit that the future Mrs. Urcera will wear at her wedding.

Nicole Neumann in Laurencio Adot’s atelier: this is how she anticipated how her bridesmaids will look.

In another of the many Instagram stories he shared Nicole neumann She was radiant, enjoying the dress test and finalizing details of her design. She also saw one of her bridesmaids wearing a spectacular white outfit.

This generated all kinds of speculation: from whether this will be the base model of the creation that Adot will make for her friends to whether it is one of the options that the model has to wear on her wedding day.

What is a fact is that Neumann is going through her best moment both professionally and sentimentally, and that –despite some family disagreements– she is surrounded by friends for life.

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